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Like an unmade bed.

Kim Kardashian enlists Paris Hilton to promote Skims' velour line; they discuss the 2000s

-Kim says Paris taught her to do photoshoots with a mirror behind the photographer so she could see how she's posing
-They discuss the time they had matching gold and silver LV bags in Australia: They belonged to Kim and Kim wouldn't let Paris put anything in the bag, so Paris had to carry an empty bag around.
-Those bags are still in perfect kondition and used to promote this line
-Paris would carry tons of crumpled up dollar bills around and Kim taught her not to do that
-Kathy Hilton would call them "sugar and spice"


ONTD, what 2000s trends would you like to see make a comeback?
Tags: 2000s, fashion, kardashian / jenner, nostalgia, paris hilton
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I feel like, for some reason, Paris is just more likable for me. And I honestly don't know why. It feels like in the past, she was probably just as obnoxious as Kim, but for some reason I've blocked that out, and her YT documentary made her a lot more likable.
I'm honestly looking into why this is, though. I mean, aside from the problematic things Kim does, I guess I should say I'm trying to figure out why it's easier for me to forgive Paris than it is to forgive Kim? I know Paris is/has been problematic too, so...I'm so confused about it. Idk.
I'm rambling. Just an interesting dilemma for me. Not sure why I have such an intense hate for Kim but feel like Paris is somehow less bad? Idk. Is it just that Paris has more charm and has come out to admit she used the media and fake personality to help her? Or maybe it's just that she's stepped out of the direct limelight for a while, just enough for me to forgive/forget some of it?
Hmm. Thoughts, ONTD? (if anyone even read
Its cause paris is what she is, she doesn't hide it. Kim hides it and tries to distract. Look at how close her and trump are, yet she does things intentionally to shift the attention elsewhere, like appropriation. Its trumps strategy, if you do something bad, just do something worse and people will forget.
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