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Like an unmade bed.

Kim Kardashian enlists Paris Hilton to promote Skims' velour line; they discuss the 2000s

-Kim says Paris taught her to do photoshoots with a mirror behind the photographer so she could see how she's posing
-They discuss the time they had matching gold and silver LV bags in Australia: They belonged to Kim and Kim wouldn't let Paris put anything in the bag, so Paris had to carry an empty bag around.
-Those bags are still in perfect kondition and used to promote this line
-Paris would carry tons of crumpled up dollar bills around and Kim taught her not to do that
-Kathy Hilton would call them "sugar and spice"


ONTD, what 2000s trends would you like to see make a comeback?
Tags: 2000s, fashion, kardashian / jenner, nostalgia, paris hilton
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Hmm ok I thought about it and maybe I would wear a chain with my name on it as a throwback lol I felt that was 2000s ish
I want one of those too. I think they're nostalgic and cute.
same! and in cursive letters or italicized text hahah that was the shit
I hate them both but I watched this whole vid. Idk I’m bored. I wanted to hear their silly voices and make fun of them.

This cracked me up

Paris: “That’s hot”
Kim: “ is”

Lmao Kim is such a loser
Are those pants supposed to emphasize camel toe? They’re both trash bags.
some 2000 hair would be funny 😂

People are already raving about “curtain bangs” and I have a feeling it’s going to turn into side bangs very quickly
Omg not those again. I can't wait for all the shitty diy quarantine side bangs
I embrace some things I was too scared to try when I was that age, and also things I liked about the era, but I can honestly say that was a miserable time to be overweight. I was like a L-XL in most things but hated my boobs. I wanted to look like one of Rachel Zoe’s clients. I felt bad about myself. I wore jeans and a tshirt every day I wasn’t working. When I worked, mostly dresses with elastic at the waist. Boobs everywhere. Hated that time in fashion. College was a nightmare because the women at my college were there to party and were mostly hot and wealthy. I knew what I wanted to look like and I couldn’t pull it off.
Omg and how could I forget the Olsen Twins NYU days?
aw man mte! the way they wore those balenciaga motorcycle bags i think is still stylish to this day. always liked their sense of style tbh
I still want a moto bag negl
was anyone here in wiwt or hot_fashion?

it's not a 2000's-only thing, but i do miss flared jeans and i'm glad they're making a comeback. can't wear low waists anymore though ahhaha. does anyone remember/used to wear bumsters? unbelievable.
i was v young during peak 2000s culture (tho i was 10 during ~2007~ and lived for it) but pls don’t bring back whatever the FUCK went on 2008-2012 lol

i just wore a ton of abercrombie and hollister while maintaining a pseudo scene hair-cut and permanently damaging my hair lol

I’m sure Abercrombie and Hollister are salivating at the thought of the 2000s coming back. The saviour keeping them from going bankrupt?
I was in my late teens/early 20s in the early 2000s and the whole era was like a fever dream. As a poor student I didn't have enough money to buy the latest trends, but I remember ordering some abercrombie and hollister shirts and jeans "pre-loved" from ebay, lol.
i used to love their jeans!! tho i grew out of them by seventh grade and they were so, so overpriced lol
I miss gaucho pants. So comfy and easy to throw on for work. UGH!
I kinda like the idea of an updated velour tracksuit, but I wouldn't buy it from Kim obv. Also I'd feel too matchy matchy wearing both the tops and bottoms at once
I thought Paris' YouTube documentary was moderately interesting. But then I read shitty stuff here on ONTD I didn't know about her previously and then I watched clips on social media of a premiere party at her house which was sorely lacking masks among her and the attendees. So I kind of wish I hadn't wasted my time on a documentary that was trying to make her a more sympathetic person.
Velour suits look awful to me because I’m 1-always too warm and 2-I don’t like super soft things touching me I prefer a rough cotton honestly
They both need to disappear.
and after she finished hugging them and they walked away she'd turn to kim and call them the n word
i wouldn't mind seeing low-cut flared jeans come back. i have a pair of high rise flared jeans i love them. velour tracksuits are ugly, but they do look comfy.
things that can stay though? pointed toe shoes. and thongs sticking out of pants.
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