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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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directed by M Night Shyamalan
Gurl you need Jesus, this republican pretending to be a Biden voter ain’t fooling anyone
Dale, identified by moderator Savannah Guthrie as a registered Republican who "leans slightly for Biden," did not immediately return calls from PEOPLE, though her husband says she is actually a Democrat who hasn't yet gotten around to changing her voter registration

i just read this! it was a trip
I don't understand these voters. She could change her mind again tomorrow.
this dumb dumb
His face repulses me

Nice smile, the fuck
people on reddit (i know) said she was subverting gender roles by telling a man to smile more which... i doubt that was her intention but i'll allow it
there's an ophthalmologist who needs to adjust her prescription
Have you voted?
Yes! And LA County just let me know this afternoon that my ballot has been received and accepted.
Same here!
Nice! I’m still waiting for the ballot tracker to update me whether they’ve received it!
tomorrow! can't wait!
Yes, I dropped off my ballot and it shoes accepted, yay


October 16 2020, 23:03:53 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:05:33 UTC

Dropped off my ballot on Tuesday! And according to BallotTrax it was accepted!
Yep, yesterday.
Yes! I dropped my ballot off in a dropbox Tuesday and confirmed they received it.
Just dropped my ballot off at the ballot box today.
put our ballots in the collection box today
yes! my city have a drive-thru drop off option too. i never had to leave my car!
Still waiting for my ballot to get here. They were supposed to be mailed this week. I got my pamphlet last week, like I needed it. Sigh.
i just got my absentee ballot today & i'm gonna drop it off on monday after i get my flu shot.
Not yet, but our ballots arrived yesterday!
Yep and my ballot was received and accepted! Woo!
Yup! Just got confirmation it was counted today.
Yes, I dropped my ballot off on Monday at town hall
Sent in my absentee ballot for IA, even paid $4 for tracking so I can keep an eye on it until it gets there.
I did today!! In and out in like 20 minutes.
i'm going tomorrow
yes! dropped my ballot off on wednesday.
Im doing it election morning. I live right across the street from the polling station and I am up at 6 anyway.

then I will tell my boss I am leaving to go vote at sometime during the day
Yes! I just need to drop off my ballot tomorrow.
boting tomorrow and i can't fucking WAIT


1 month ago

Yes! I mailed my ballot on Monday and it was accepted yesterday
filled out my ballot today. walking it to the ballot box tomorrow.
Yes, mailed it in a couple of weeks ago and its been received.
i dropped my ballot at city hall yesterday! an old couple did too and took pictures of each other dropping their envelope lol i thought it was cute
Yes thank the stars
I figure I'll go to town hall on Tuesday since I'll actually have time then



October 16 2020, 23:00:57 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:01:58 UTC


The rare sequel that is better than the original
Ahem, the second best sequel ever! Top spot belongs to Shrek 2 ;)
I tried to watch the original yesterday and it was just so boring. The sequel is far more entertaining.
Amanda has healthier hair
Happy Friday people!!11!!

I don't have an extra DIY but I can make it and send it to you.
If you could please! Need me to send the materials?
Got the notification from LA County that my ballot has been received and accepted.

Hooray! Feels so good to have my vote against Trump officially counted.
i've been tracking mine all week! since he told us to go to hell.

But I still haven't gotten my email and you voted the day after me. :/ I emailed them to ask if I should be concerned.
I wouldn't be too concerned. I think that a ton of people dropped off ballots last weekend so they're a bit backlogged.
They are such a stickler for the answers on Jeopardy and that's why I love it.
This clip is so DRAMATIC I love it 😭
"What is 'I'm a Savage?'"


"...What is Savage?" 😅


1 month ago

I’m so fucking pissed at my mom. So this afternoon she sent me a video saying “this doctor is making good points about the covid and flu vaccines” but before I could watch it it got removed (based on the comments it seemed like bc of misinformation). I replied telling my mom she needs to make sure she’s getting her info from legit drs because I’ve been seeing sketchy TikToks from fake drs and naturopaths that have been spreading misinformation about covid, mental health etc. so she gave me the name of the dr, I googled her and it turns out she’s a trumper, conspiracy theorist, anti mask, anti covid testing,anti vaccine and she thinks vaccines cause every from cancer to diabetes to autism...which my brother has. I told my mom all this, expecting her to be like “welp this lady is a crackpot” but she was like “well she still made some good points about the vaccines!!” So I’m fucking fuming especially bc my brother is in her care and now I’m concerned she won’t take him for a flu shot (and when the time comes, a covid vaccine). And then I told my dad all this and he LAUGHED. My parents are assholes.
i'm so sorry bb. that's so infuriating.
I feel this so much. My dad has resorted to sending me crazy right wing youtuber crap. No amount of sane arguments have helped.
Ugh I’m sorry you’re dealing with this type of shit too :( it’s like talking to a brick wall
It’s crazy how quickly people go from being smart and logical to falling into quack theories because it’s easier to process.

I made taquitos got vodka and am set for the weekend lol. The end of corona is gunna hit me so hard.
I am shocked. SHOCKED! Hahaha hahahhaha hahahHhahahaha hahhhaa

This is a really good sign for a lot of reasons. I think it shows that people want to know more about Biden.
Trump must be PISSED.
Thought more people might hate watch or watch cheeto do or say more stupid things
My mom and I had a very long debate about a character dying of cancer and leaving behind a wife and kids. She insisted it was on grey's anatomy and I insisted it was not and it was instead on ER because I remember every plotline from grey's (thanks brain so glad we've stored that in the permanent files) and I remembered it happening on ER. IT WAS ER I WAS RIGHT. She started saying she thought it was Denny. No. Denny died of a heart thing and we all cut the l-vad wire.
Wasn’t it Mark? Or he had a brain tumour
It was Mark and it was a lot.
It was ER.

It was Mark Greene. He had a wife and two daughters. He died in Hawaii.

I cried like a baby when I watched the episode. lol


1 month ago


1 month ago


1 month ago

Yep, definitely Mark Greene!
I'm bingeing ER right now and dreading the terrible loss of Mark Greene!!!
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow!"
Def ER! As someone who, yes, STILL watches Grey's, no one (other that patients obvs) is allowed to die of something normal on that show. They've gotta be electrocuted or get hit by a bus or crushed under a plane.
oh my god instant tears
I literally just watched "The Letter" episode yesterday so I'm really looking forward to balling my eyes out on Monday when I watch the episode where he actually dies.