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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I always thought musicians made their money through touring, since the record companies get most of the album sales, but now there are these 360 that give the record companies a cut of that too. With a 360 deal the record companies get:

• 50% Merch
• 25% Touring and live performance
• 25% of “digital products” such as ringtones and sales from the artist’s fan site
• 25% Publishing
• 25% of Endorsements
• 25% of any other income from the entertainment business including appearances on TV and movies, theatre, book publishing, etc.

The artists are given an advance that they're supposed to pay off, so they end up owing whatever they make to the record companies. A lot of musicians end up broke, even after they've sold millions of records.
The music industry is vile and wrecked. Artists have been constantly taken advantage of and ended up broke despite being "rockstars" for as long as there's been record labels. Standard big business shit! I'm glad people are learning about this. It's a racket. They're just baby cash cows to the record labels, milk them dry and may even forget to feed them because ef it, all they're good for is their cash value to the labels.
yeah it's 100% fucked
oh fuck i always thought they made money off merch. i make it a point to buy merch at most concerts. geez.
oh fuck i always thought they made money off merch.

That's what I thought too.
this was cute!

I had a pimple I wanted gone so I did tret 2 days in a row instead of skipping a couple of days (still starting out) and now my skin is dry. I also don't have that great of a moisturizer ATM.
I went to the derm for the first time last month and she gave me a sample of fabior and my skin was screaming after a couple uses. I was so desperate I bought the Dr. Jart's ceramidin cream and it really helped.
I remember when I first started differin and even doing everything right (not putting it on right after washing my face, first week every 3 days and then moving to every two days to every other day, before going every day) wearing sunscreen, my skin was so sensitive to sun light. it did get "thicker" in that my skin was able to tolerate more, but I've taken a long break between using such a strong active. and I rushed because it was an under the skin pimple and I had no benzoyl peroxide.

thank you for the rec! I'll need to get a moisturizer and then aquaphor to layer over soon!


1 week ago

I had a call today with a hospital Lab Operations Manager and Medical Technologist Coordinator to discuss a position I applied to like 4 months ago.

They want me to come in for an interview Monday! :D :D They want me to bring all my credentials so I think I've got the job and the interview is just a formality.
GOOD LUCK! I hope it works out for you!
Thank you! <3
Woo hoo! You got this!

thanks, i hate it

and i get that she was a child star who was probably put through a questionable amount of schooling just to adhere to the law but the your/you're mixup always bothers me
this is real bad. i really liked her heart of glass and maneater though.

Sociopaths and psychopaths


October 16 2020, 23:34:40 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:36:33 UTC

Did yall read this?

Do you know anyone who is one?

Or is a diagnosed psychopath?
I can't believe she got her dog back
I made an edit right before you commented!! Fuck her, but check out this other link.
I don't think so. Though I suppose I wouldn't really be able to tell.
pretty sure one of my exes is one but who knows
my mom and bf’s mom have become such good friends that my mom called me while i was at work to tell me my bf’s mom texted her that he had called her to let her know he’d dropped his ballot off and i was like “was i roped into a game of telephone w/o realizing? what is going on here? you called me to tell me his mom texted you that he called her?”

My armpits have been itching like crazy for almost a week now and of course all my Google symptom searching leads me to think I have some crazy underlying cancerous disease.
I did buy a new stick of deodorant recently, but it’s the same one I’ve been using for years and they don’t seem to have changed their formulas recently. Ugh :(
You can develop allergies, even if it's something you've used a long time!

Have you changed laundry detergent? Do you use fabric softener? Do you use soap? Are they actually dry out?

My chest has been itchy AF but turns out I needed to lotion myself because my bra is just rubbing funky. Do your shirts rub your arm pits funky maybe?

ITS NOT CANCER, it's an ITCH *hugs*
Thank you :’)

The only thing I changed recently was my body wash, but figured my whole body would be itchy and not just my underarms. It’s just so random and strange..
Going to give it a little more time to watch and see what’s up. <3


1 week ago


1 week ago

if your deodorant contains baking soda, that can cause an itchy rash, even if it was okay for you before


1 week ago

Oh no, that happened to me when I changed to a different deodorant but I was to scared to go to a doctor because it happened when covid started lmao so stupid.
Duke is all around trash. Trash for multiple reasons in multiple arenas. Garbage institution.
ooo as long as the people behind this are 60% black I'll give it a go
What scary kid's movie or tv show did you like as a child?

I liked "Ernest Scared Stupid", "Are you afraid of the dark", and the Gooey Gus episodes of "Ghost Writer".
Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, Freaky Stories, this movie (Disney channel probably) about a kid who was bullied and burned in the school's kiln or something that I don't remember the name of. Christopher Lloyd was in it I think.
So Weird
Are you Afraid of the Dark was my favorite show that was actually aimed at children.

But I also watched 20/20 as a kid, so I was a dark little mf'er all around.
Are you afraid of the dark
Tales from the cryptkeeper
Scooby Doo (it could be scary, haha)
Are You Afraid of the Dark, Ghostwriter, Goosebumps, So Weird, Eerie Indiana
Oh I loved Ernest Scared Stupid! And Goosebumps.
you can tell this car is owned by an evangelical pastor called Jim Bob
honk jesus honk
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makes total sense
Jesus, honk if you're horny.