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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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I hate... how... time consuming work is.. like, I have this other project/work that I'd like to do but at the end of a work day, I don't want to do anything. and I dont want to spend my weekend also working. I like my downtime, my alone time, my mindless time to read, or clear, or just watch a movie. and I have the opportunity to work more but I'm already tired with the possibility and also feel lazy because my friend is doing it all.
Going from being able to binge a show to having to wait a week for each episode is such a kick in the nuts.
Happy Friday babes!

Just a little under an hour and then I’m free

Narrator: He has not.
he reminded me of armie hammer in this show and it was sooo distracting and not in a good way.
1) Anyone have recs for good leather crossbody purses under $200? My pleather one from Target is actually great, but I want something a little hardier. Classic, clean lines, not too tiny...

2) I have a second date tomorrow with a guy who is nerdier than my usual but we talked for 3 hours on our first date. If we like each other, I don't know wtf we're going to do when it gets colder, he seems pretty stringent w/COVID stuff (I am too, to an extent -- I won't eat indoors, but I will eat outdoors). UGH.
Fossil usually has nice, simple crossbody bags.
Oh, great idea, thank you!
Check out the sale sections of Michael Kors or Rebecca Minkoff
Madewell has nice leather bags.
The oxford satchel. I think they are under $200


1 week ago

def check out nordstrom rack for some discounts
I got a really cute slightly used Fossil crossbody purse for like $45 on Ebay. I'm a sucker for a good deal.
I just watched the 2019 Lion King remake, it was okay
the effects were beautiful, but the original was just better
I'm this close to just getting dessert for dinner.
ooh what kind of dessert?

cheesecake for dinner would be my choice lol
I just did it and ordered two slices of cheesecake and one slice of regular cake and my stomach will probably hate me tomorrow but I just don't care right now.
You deserve it after all the crap you've dealt with. Don't eat too fast, savor it.
Order, eat and enjoy! You deserve it.
You won’t regret it.
What would hurt you the most if it closed due to the pandemic?

Me? This little Mexican food place over here. It's so fucking good and I would cry if I never got to eat it again!
My favorite Chinese place closed and I'm still sad about it (although after some misses I found another good one).
My fave breakfast taco place, or maybe the lil Japanese place down the block. But they are both still thriving, so I am thankful.
My favorite neighborhood bar closed for good this summer. I'm so bummed bc I could walk there and they had really great hot dogs.
The independently owned bagel shop in town that actually did close due to the pandemic, and I did hurt, a lot. I would go there multiple times a week. :(
I can’t eat it anymore bc I recently went gluten free but there’s an AMAZING ramen place near me. I’d be devastated if they closed. Same with a fabric/sewing place the next town over. They used to do open studio time/sewing workshops etc so they’re suffering :(
The cinema in my town, it's not looking good :(
My neighborhood Chinese place
I mean it’ll close but reopen, but I would live such a terrible life if I didn’t have a library.

Or if the Michaels craft store down the street from me closed, I’d be pretty upset.
My fave sushi place
The library. I do not eat out much, but rely on the library although I hate that they quarentine the books for 2 weeks now.
my favorite thai place. it’s a small mom & pop restaurant that is decorated with the drawings by their son when he was 7. now he’s an adult and runs the place. it’s so homey and the food is so good. i would be devastated if they closed :(
a couple of music venues closing would absolutely break my heart, but i'm already trying to soften the blow by telling myself it'll inevitably happen. :(

Millennials: do you remember the “very special episode” of TRL when BSB came on to announce AJ going into rehab?
Yesh and I also remember when I saw him at the Cheesecake Factory. He saw me looking. As he left he did this weird floor skating thing to try to impress me? So odd.
YES. It was the first time someone I admired went to rehab. Even as a kid o knew it was good that he went but it made me so sad.
Damn. I hope he remains sober for his kids sake.
I do remember.
Yep it was all over the news.
I clicked to see which video (The Call) but ended up reading (almost) the entire thing lol. Didn't know he fell off the wagon as recently as December, dang.
I do. I was a huge fan at the time too and I remember feeling scared but couldn't say exactly what scared me. I guess it was just the whole grown-up/adult nature of it, considering I was like 14 I think.
yes! Granted, I thought at first it was an announcement that they were breaking up lol BUT I was glad that he went to get help. I remember seeing them in concert a few months before or something (can't remember exactly) and he did seem..different, almost manic on stage.

He's such a delight on DWTS, I love how much he is in love with his wife and enjoys being a dad. I hope he can continue in his sobriety and be happy.
yes, I remember because I was supposed to go to the black & blue tour that year, but it didn't happen. I can't remember why we didn't get tickets to the rescheduled date tho, I started to get more into no doubt & pop punk music that fall.
oh man i remember this. i was always a bsb fan and aj was my fav. i was so poor growing up so i never got to see any of their tours. i went to see them a few times during their vegas residency and screamed 'bonedaddy' (his nickname back then that i somehow still remember) whenever i saw him. he def smirked and winked at me a few times
Anyone else exhausted from this new moon?

Between that, my period, driving 400 kms today, and my emotional state, I am fucking exhausted.
I told my husband about my Make Alderaan Great Again hat and he didn’t think it was funny he said and I quote:
“Why would the sith wear that, they were the ones that destroyed Alderaan”
-The nerd I call my husband
He has a point!
You should be wearing a "The Empire Did Nothing Wrong" shirt
I used DoorDash for the first time a few days ago and I wasn’t expecting it to be... “fancy”, like the driver handed me my order and it was in a separate and bigger paper bag that had the McDonald’s logo on it, and it was “sealed” with tape. I was just expecting them to just get my order through the drive-through and just hand it to me the way it was, but it was done more professional. Kind of a dumb thing to be “impressed” by, but I was lol And my first order was half off which was fantastic.
i ordered doordash for the first time yesterday and the guy delivered my order to the wrong house. when i went to look for it, it was gone. lmao. never doing doordash again.
Well that sucks. Did you type out a comment for them to “hand your order to you” or anything like that?


1 week ago


1 week ago

Oh that's not Doordash doing a darn thing, that's Mcdonald's double bagging it for you, babe! Don't give DD any credit, they suck.

I got excited when Little Ceasars started advertising delivery but didn't realize it was by way of Door Dash. They def don't do anything special. Dude wouldn't even open the damn door and come into the complex, I had to meet them out front.

The other time I got terriakyi from a small place in town and the person couldn't handle finding the door at all, called me from the parking lot and acted like we don't have a front how do you think I get into the damn place? A secret passage way?! the instructions say "Use the call box by the front door" that is VISIBLE from the PARKING LOT. Nope nope nope. McD's double bagged it.

Fast food places are doing stuff like that for their customers for pick ups by third parties ;) Taco Bell seals your bag in the drive thru as well.


1 week ago

Have any other Canadians been feeling a lot of things about this?

We learned about this case in law classes in high school and university because of Guy Paul Morin's wrongful convictions.
In university I read a book about this case for a criminal justice course and it was wild. I was shook at the news yesterday.
it's one of those 'unsolved cases' that i didn't think would be solved. i hope it gives her family some peace and resolution
I'm glad they've identified the real killer, but I wish he were still alive and had to go to prison.
I hope Nicole Morin's case is the next one to be solved. That case has haunted me for a long time, even though I wasn't even born when she went missing
I think I was too young for this at the time but totally remember reading about Morin. I saw and interview with the family and it was heartbreaking, they talked about how the guy who did it was at the funeral, in thier house after. Shivers and just so sad.


1 week ago