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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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But when it came time to print and ship Ohio ballots early last week, it was Midwest Direct that was overwhelmed. Several Ohio counties that expected absentee ballots printed by the company to land in voters’ mailboxes are now scrambling to print them themselves or find a last-minute contingency plan less than three weeks before Election Day.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, nearly 30,000 ballots sent to voters in Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, went to the wrong addresses.


anyway, don't take polling and turnout numbers for granted, and if you don't get your ballot before your state's deadline, go vote in person! (But check your local board of elections to see if you can turn in your ballot in person, or if you need to bring in your absentee ballot so they can cancel it, or whatever.) and, uh, have a nice weekend!
i work my state govt and do contracts and this is SO RIDICULOUS i cannot fucking imagine going through a procurement process and writing up a contract with these fools.
I'm not in Ohio but another battleground state and the website said that my absentee ballot was mailed on October 1st and it still hasn't arrived (meanwhile my roommates received theirs on Oct 2nd. I was going to turn it in in person but now I'm afraid there's going to be some bullshit if I vote early in person instead.
That sucks. Can you find anything if you google your state + “voting in person after requesting absentee ballot?” They might make you vote provisionally, but at least you’d know what to expect walking in there and be able to point to the rules if someone DOES give you shit. (If you do have to vote provisionally, try to go during early voting or off-peak hours if you can so it’s less crowded. You might not be the only one with that problem :/)
A colleague wanted to have a phone call at 4 but I don’t have her number and she hasn’t called yet. Don’t set shit up for 4 on a Friday and then ghost me!
That’s rude, and it sucks because you can’t just call her an be like, hey where are you.
I tried calling her on Teams but she didn’t answer, so at least I tried.


3 months ago

These kids that live up the street from my parents came over and watched my dad put up the Halloween decorations. The were very bummed that they wouldn’t be turning in their lights so now my dad is trying to think of a way to make a chute that would come out for each kid that would keep them 6 feet apart but not gather a crowd. Even if for just those two kids.
My friends are putting a rope across the bottom of their porch, and setting up a PVC pipe that they're gonna use as a candy chute. Your dad is sweet!
Yeah, since his retirement he has a lot of free time on his hands and is pretty crafty. Told them just to leave the candy in the bag and shake it out of the bag into the tube so its not handled. If they get half the bag, they get half the bag probably won't be many kids out.
That's very cute. I'll be taking pot shots sry neighborhood kids with a bb gun holed up in my apartment like it's the purge.

Very sweet what your father is doing.


3 months ago

I've caved for the sake of my neighbors' three kids and I'm gonna put a folding table out and put candy on it, and if any other kids go around, their parents can keep them distanced!

I'm sure the barking dog will keep them moving.
BTS's Dynamite has been stuck in my head alllllll day
It's very catchy. lol. Earlier today I was watching the stage cam of their BBMA performance and it def got in my head for a bit.

(but mostly I'm just dying for them to start dropping music from the new album)
its SO catchy its insane! and the modulation of the last chorus is really well done

i have never listened to them but if the album is anything like Dynamite its going to be my workout-album for the winter lmao


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago


Nah, fam. I just imported all the data I needed and I'll reconcile these accounts on Monday. Next week is a non-payroll week so I have all Monday to waste on...doing my job you know. *eek* Procrastination at it's finest!

I'm going to see my parents this weekend. Don't worry. All we do is eat edibles together and eat nachos while being Democrats. Super safe and stuff! I hope everyone else has some non-plans for this weekend as well. <3
How do I find a therapist? Through my insurance? Online?

I think I need one because I have A LOT of issues with becoming disabled and the changes to my body. I feel SO FUCKING GUILTY that I get tired so often and I lay down so much. People say it's ok but I feel BAD. I feel like I am constantly apologizing for this new body and the things it can't do? Even though no one says anything to me? It's all in my head! I need to speak to someone.
your insurance should have a list of providers that are covered. but you should also try as they have lists and it will tell you if they are taking new patients. it can be a long and difficult process finding a therapist but teletherapy has made it a little easier.
Go to your insurance website.

They often have "find a doctor" in your network. Then you can all the ones near by and see if they're doing telemedicine. Or you can look at your insurance network and they will often have "Telemedicine" options as well. Ours does. You just gotta sign up under your insurance information on their website, you should have all the details needed on your insurance card!
this was a helpful resource for me. hope it helps you too!
Thank you so so so much. This was one of my biggest worries.
Don't apologize! It's going to take time but learn to be kind to yourself.

You can find a psychologist on Psychology Today

How do you measure pain tolerance??? I'm not sure if I have high pain tolerance or not. When I got my lump removed from my head, the four injections of anesthetic hurt horribly. I confronted my brother about this for not warning me, since he had a lump removed from his head a few years ago. He just smirked and said, "I guess you don't have very high pain tolerance!" That angered me. My lump was tender and hurting; his was not. But still, it HAD to have hurt him.

Is high pain tolerance the not feeling of pain, or baring it without screaming and crying, or bearing it period??? And what's a good objective way to test ones tolerance?!
I wish I knew. One time my mom was getting pins removed from her toes (they were put in during surgery but meant to be removed later) and all she did was grit her teeth. The doctor and nurse working on her commented that she had an extraordinarily high pain tolerance.
Injections hurt so your pain was probably normal. I’m sure he just had an abnormally high pain tolerance.
IDK if there's an objective way to measure it. And I've always associated high pain tolerance with the latter, I don't think people just don't feel pain but maybe that's not the common interpretation?

I always wonder what mine is, I've never gotten into an accident or broke any big bones. As an adult I think mine's probably just normal, like I banged my pinky toe and broke it and just kind of laughed even though it did really hurt.
My gallbladder gave me attacks for over 10 years and I didn't notice until it ruptured. Like I noticed I was getting attacks but I just went on the eliptical each time which my doctor was in shock about because that normally makes people go to the ER. However, if you put tape on my skin and then remove the tape I will sob. Pain tolerance is a weird and fickle beast
My family tends to have "high tolerance" and we say that because it takes a lot before we are like "OUCH, FIX IT, GIVE ME MEDICINE!"

My idiot [I say it with love] father waited a year of having what was indeed painful AF symptoms that turned out to be a tumor in his intestine that ended up also busting his bladder. But it took until he finally collapsed to be all "oh yeah it's pretty bad I guess." He'd refuse pain medication after major abdominal surgery to remove that bastard tumor.

I have PCOS and they say that periods are more painful with it. I mean they're not fun but I've only on a rare occasion had any crippling pain on my scale. But like I told my gyno "I don't have painful periods at least not that i know of...they're the only periods I know, so IDK how to compare that kind of thing..."

But I had a friend that if you tapped her on the head, like just like you go "knocked" on her head like a playful little rap on the head you sometimes do while playing around..she'd scream in pain. I believed her. I believe people when they say it hurts, despite not necessarily having it myself.

Think of it as "pain threshold" instead of "tolerance."

Think of it like I can drink X compared to other people's ability to drink only Y or can slam Z.

They set my broken wrist with some laughing gas in the ED because the surgical room was being used and they didn't think they needed to wait. Like they literally were all "Usually we'd do surgery but ef it, have some of this gas, kid!"
I always associated it with being able to bear it without all the moaning and groaning. The few times I've had strep throat, my shit was RED red and closed up, and doctors were surprised I managed the pain without crying
Fuck Feinstein, just so fucking much.
So mad we didn’t get rid of her in 2018
I know!! We tried. :/
Fuck Feinstein
Fuuuuuuck DiFi

(And then let's elect Katie Porter)
I'm going to be an aunt!! My sister always said she never wanted kids so I was shocked that this was planned. I never thought about being an aunt, but now I'm so flipping excited.

She plans to tell my parents this weekend and I cannot wait. I bet they're going to cry. My parents had accepted that neither of us wanted kids, but you could tell they wanted to be grandparents. They're going to be so happy!
Aw that's so wonderful! I hope your sister has a safe and healthy pregnancy
How exciting! Wishing her a healthy pregnancy. Babies are so cute and fun (when they're not yours and you can give them back(
it kills me that soaps are almost entirely ACAB because the cops never catch the bad guy or arrest the right person
I still can't get over the bullshit my brother pulled this week. Years of him ignoring my boundaries, being verbally abusive (and once physically), and then he turns around and accuses me of the same and starts talking about boundaries? I want to put a hex on him. I am so fucking pissed still. Nothing is going to fix this.
Don't hex him, heal yourself. If he's cutting himself out of your life, let the trash take itself out
can you cut him out of your life?
GASLIGHTER. That's what this dillweed is. Turning it on you like you did a damn thing.

Don't waste time on it, let him go suffer in his own head.
I cut my brother out of my life for doing the same thing. He's a half brother so its easier for me to cut him off but I would give yourself as much distance as possible. You don't owe him a relationship just because you're related.

Hang in there <3
It’s officially getting colder, this morning my low tire pressure light came on.
Today was our coldest day yet. I get hot easy but I've been cold all day.
I wish. It was 105 here today. SMH


October 16 2020, 23:22:28 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:22:48 UTC

Wow, I hope you and yours are doing well.


3 months ago

lol I hit that benchmark two weekends ago
I requested off the 3rd and I got it. I'm wondering if I should of requested off the 4th instead because if I work the 4th, its going to terrible. No matter who wins its going to be a bad day at work.
Yeah I would ask for the 4th instead
I also applied for a job this week, which is a huge deal for me...I usually overthink and self-sabotage and not even bother applying.
good job bb!! first step is always the hardest, and you did it!
Thank you!
I'm glad you applied, I hope you hear back from them. It's hard to put yourself out there like that.


3 months ago

Yay! It’ll get easier every time! Congrats


3 months ago

this looks like the start of a porno
Oh no, the Charmed feud is getting out of hand.
The amount of layers they are wearing tell me this is from 2005.
Bullying but make it fashion...looks like an ANTM shoot or porn