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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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October 16 2020, 23:02:48 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:03:47 UTC

tbf, there is a True Crime Network, and I'm sure someone is shopping a series called True Crime Story rn
my sleep schedule is so so SO fucked up rn
Almost 23 million votes already cast.

I wonder if this weekend is going to be huge for early voting.
I feel like it will be!!

You just reminded me I gotta finish my ballot this weekend. I’m gonna be on ballotpedia all night 😩
I hope so!

I'm voting this weekend, early voting just started for NC and I'm hearing high turnout already!
Trump or Biden? I hope Biden wins I can’t take Trump another 4 years
Not answering because I don't want to jinx it.
Biden will win. Then there will be weeks of phoney lawsuits.
If there is anything I learned from 2016, it's not to make calls.
I've discovered that you can make margaritas out of popsicles and it's life changing tbh.
wow, i know what i'm doing tomorrow. this sounds amazing.
i did a popsicle, a little bit of juice, tequila, and ice. hope you like it!!


4 days ago


4 days ago

Sound on

Ftw New Zealand

Damn, this reminds me why I hate most American politicians. Too many uninformed, stupid opinions like that audience member get treated with hems and haws and shit like "Well, we have a right to our difference of opinion and I choose to believe the science." Just tell them they're flat out wrong, stupid, and selfish for choosing their own self interest over reality.

Sorry if this rambling makes no sense. I'm starting the weekend early and it's 4:20.
Winston Peters is a fuckwad but is also funny occasionally.
Also I got slightly electrocuted by my AirPods earlier this week so that experience
OMG how? Are you ok?
I honestly have no clue. I was just watching Schitt’s Creek and suddenly the AirPod just made a weird noise and then I got a shooting pain in my ear drum. :/ thankfully it was a short term thing!
Just a free ECT session girl


4 days ago

had my first exam of the semester today and i think it went really good!
I was thinking about dessert because idk if I'll bother ordering one for Thanksgiving this year and it got me thinking, the first few times I brought vegan dessert it must have been made with coconut, so my mom now associates coconut with all vegan desserts. The amount of times she's said something was good, but tasted like coconut when there was absolutely no coconut in it...

Also the Van Leeuwen's bourbon vanilla apple crisp ice cream (oat milk base) is very good.
I hope the lines for early voting at shorter by Monday. There were 4 hour wait times in some areas yesterday.
My dad did the same thing once while walking his doggo along Sunset Blvd.
Fu*k the guy in the comments that suggested that he should go out in traffic and get killed by a car.
I bought my daughter a bubble blower, she wasn’t impressed, HOWEVER my dog on the other hand loved catching the bubbles, She would sit in front of me and tried to catch every single bubble possible
That sounds completely adorable!
It was, me and my dog played with the bubbles while the baby looked at us all confused
dogs fucking love bubbles
Omg the mental picture is so adorable!!!
at least someone appreciates the bubble blower
Umm now I really want to go to Target this weekend and get a bubble blower for my dog lol.


4 days ago


October 16 2020, 23:05:41 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:08:42 UTC

My dog must know I’m not feeling the best because for the past two days he’s been at the foot of my bed all day instead of sitting in the window barking at everything.

Love you my lil chicken nugget 🤗

Also Chowder is on Hulu so I’m in heaven.
I'm trying to lose weight but I just binged. Uggggghhhh, whyyyyy*


October 16 2020, 23:17:37 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 23:17:56 UTC

It happens to the best of us. [Spoiler (click to open)]I've been trying to make some serious efforts since May 2019 (and I fuck up all the time) but according to my last annual yesterday I've lost about 20 lb since then. It's a process.
Me too... I’m up 20lbs since Covid :(