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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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I'm watching Phantasm and this movie is weird af
It's....something but I love it.
Just watched this Halloween classic on Disney+. the nostalgia hit different

Love this & Sleepy Hollow! I watch with my kids every year & now Disney+ is making it easier than ever.
are blue light glasses really worth it? i normally put my devices into night mode with the warmest setting so i'm not getting the harsh blue light anyways. i didn't get them on my current lenses but i was considering it if i get a 2nd pair of glasses.
I’ve started wearing glasses more when doing work during the day and I’ve noticed I haven’t had a headache in a long time
I don't wear them all the time because I forget a lot but they really stop the ache in my eyes
Btw, Urban Outfitters (of all places) sells blue light screen covers you stick to your laptop screen to block it out, in case you don’t want to buy another pair of glasses. I’m sure they are elsewhere too but I saw them on their site today.
I was looking at some on Amazon and another website today. I look at too many screens as it is, even when I am relaxing and doing non-work stuff.


October 17 2020, 01:32:02 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 01:32:26 UTC

yes i've own my pair for 3 weeks and i havent had a headache/eyes watering since i've been using them.

i also wear them when i'm reading my phone in bed and it helps me get to sleep faster.

edit: also, i wear my pair over my glasses
My current glasses have the blue light coating & my eye are not hurting after a few hours on the computer like they used to.
Paging an on-duty mod to please accept the Amazon Prime Party post I submitted. Thank you!
oooooh what are we watchin' sis
Addams Family Values! It’s a double weekend, so tomorrow we’ll be watching Vampires vs. the Bronx on Netflix!!
Finally finished The boys. I hope THAT character is dead tbh I didn't enjoy it much. AND I hope they give queen Maeve more to do.
They're too extra not to come back like Vader.
I spoiled an episode of The Third Day for my brother except it was an episode that he watched he just wasn't paying close enough attention lmao
Is the show good? I’ve been meaning to check it out since I’ve seen so many ads for it.
I'm enjoying it and it's beautiful to look at!
I watched the first two episodes and went to watch the third and realized that there was an episode between the second and third that was a live 12-hour special? I have to find somewhere to watch that, if it's even available.


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4 days ago

I'm "going to" this in a little bit, woo-hoo!! 🎉

i watched love and monsters today and it was really cute. i'm glad to see dylan o'brien thriving.
Fuck the Astros - I really want them to lose tonight, I don't want them to have the chance to come all the way back this series.

Fucking cheating ass franchise.
Same fuck the astros
Animal Crossing folks, where do you get rid of your recipes. I have so many I already know and they are just clogging up my island.
Sell the common ones and keep any valuable extra DIYs in one room in my house. I don’t care about HHA ratings anyway
if I have any valuable ones, I save them and see if anyone in the ACNH discord wants them or check people's wishlists. but for common ones or ones I've gotten 2-3 copies of, I'll just sell them to Nooks tbh.
I keep mine on a part of my beach for the ONTD AC Discord to go through whenever they visit. After a while I just sell them all to Nook's.
I really hate Axl rose
did he do something recently? or just in general? (i don't like him either)
nah just his general existence. I don't even know much about him.
I’m a Dodgers fan so I’m having a really rough week sports emotionally!


1 week ago


1 week ago

I miss going to the movies :(
I think the last movie I saw in theatres was Cats lol
I got weirdly into cats. Did you enjoy it.
i loved how awful it was lol
me too. very much. :/
I'm trying to remember the last movie I saw and cant

Nvm I looked it up it was 'Way Back' 😩
Same :( even tho the only movie I wanted to see got pushed to streaming anyway and I wouldn't have seen anything else except Raya and Candyman
The last one I saw was Little Women and I didn't like it
the last one I saw was call of the wild 🙄 (my dad picked it lol)

i hadn't really been going to the movies a lot pre-covid, but i do miss it now.
It snowed today (melted now) and snow also in the forecast tomorrow, and I'm happy because I like winter but also sort of depressed and plunging into that sadness about life and i know its partially just that time of the month but just ugh, so many conflicting feelings
I get to bring my frenchie puppy home on Tuesday and am so excited. I miss puppy breath and cuddles.
What's their name 🥺
I give terrible names so the family voted on this one. His name is Trudge McGillicuddy. No idea why. My personal frenchie has the far superior bobs bugers name of Kuchikopi. And her pug brothers name is Minion from MegaMind.


1 week ago