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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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I'm seriously considering getting a PS5 when it comes out
do it
lol do it

i want one but i have a ps4 that i never use currently sitting in storage so i know there's no point
I'm gonna hold off for a while.

... maybe next year's Black Friday will have a sale?
I normally wait a few years but there's a game I really want to play so I'm like fuck it. But yeah it is smarter to wait!

Oh btw I ended up finding something to fill out my Sephora order that I mentioned last week. This little voluspa candle set, and it included one that's pumpkin spice latte. Plus I got SO many samples, reward gifts, etc. Like I think I'm getting 20 different free things, it's crazy


1 week ago

Any sports bra/bralette/lounge bra recommentations?

Right now I'm using a Fruit of the Loom sports bra in 36 (I'm a 34G) for mild support
Yummie has amazing bralettes! I wear mine to sleep in, but general wear is great as well. And they last a long time!
Thanks I'll check it out!
I recently got a bralette from the Chevron brand and its so soft. Not super supportive but also i didnt want something with a lot since i wanted to wear it to sleep in


1 week ago


1 week ago

I really like Aerie's bralettes & sports bras, they have good size ranges and generally decent stock. also stuff goes on sale all the time.

I wouldn't wear their sports bras for high impact (I think you need legit athletic wear for that imo, speaking as a DD cup) but they're good for lounging or low impact exercise.
Why is it that I will watch any episode of Frasier that happens to be on TV but I can't select an episode to watch myself?
someone wants to go on a date with me on sunday and i'm like "WHY"
Do you want to go?

My first answer is “in this pandemic?” But then again I sabotage all my dating experiences so
i too sabotage myself. he is like the most covid friendly guy ever and want to go pick up some donuts and sit in the park. so it's a covid friendly date. idk. i never feel ready to move on from my last relationship because it was so violating and cops were involved and that still didn't matter so i have like -100000 trust of men.


1 week ago


1 week ago

Happy Friday y’all!!!

One on One and Half & Half are on Netflix!!! I’m like WAHT OMG LOL. I’m having some lime and lemon pepper chicken Caesar Salad and watching half & half rn. <3
man, Urban Legends Final Cut has a shocking number of famous actors in it
Ahhhh I’m getting there! After I finish the ones before it. Gonna let it be a surprise
welp. i just ordered popcorn and candy and i'm going to have a relaxing halloween movie night to myself with some wine.
Ooh that sounds like fun! Which movie are you gonna watch?
i'm not sure! i just bought donnie darko on appleTV bc it was only $2.99 for some reason so i snatched it up lol. so maybe that! but i'd prefer to watch something spooky that i haven't seen yet. any recs? lol


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

what have you manifested lately?
i've gotten:
-random songs on pandora
-non prescription pharmaceuticals
-random social media posts
Drag Race fans: there's a tribute show to Chi Chi Devayne happening tonight, raising funds for scleroderma research
i'm anxiously awaiting a s2 of why women kill
That John Goodman commercial where he is a talking finger is disturbing and the stuff of nightmares tbh.
I HATE that commercial!
isn't it for a mobile game? he shouldn't have to do that!
I have to change the channel every time it comes on.
This. Does he need money that badly?
Some days just be like that

My family bought me a chest freezer for my birthday, which was in July, and it finally came! I'm spending the weekend doing food prep, so it'll be full of wonderful treats & meals.

Today, I made literally 30 burritos (LOL), of two varieties:

*spiced pinto beans, pepper jack, pickled jalapeños, cilantro, black olives, chipotles, brown Spanish rice, diced onions, poblanos, & Cholula

*same pinto beans, pepper jack, brown Spanish rice, diced onions, & Cholula

Now, I'm gonna go make a few cookie doughs & pie crusts! Maybe tomorrow I'll make a couple soups & curries, perhaps some puff pastry or something ~fancy. If anyone has fave recipes of freezable foods, please feel free to share. :)

Happy New Moon! <3 <3 <3
damn, you've been productive!! those both sound great.
Omg that is an amazing gift!

I would recommend making pasta sauce, like a nice bolognese, and freezing it in individual portions. Such a nice and easy comfort meal. Or for vegetarian, a nice arrabiata sauce
It's only 5:20, but fuck it. I'm hungry.

I'm gonna go drop off some postcards to voters at the post office and then get dinner.
I got these cute rag & bone cargo pants. Welp, tried them on finally and did't realize there's a button fly - no big deal except that when all the buttons are done it still looks as though my fly is open 🙃

But hey, that's just 2020