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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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Does anyone else's brain work like this? For years I thought that Robert Eggers, the director of The VVitch is black. He's not. I was confusing him with Dave Eggers, who has a book called "What Is The What" about a Sudanese man. Only Dave Eggers is white. It's just his book cover that shows a black man so in my head I was associating that with the actual author and then confusing the author's name with Robert Eggers.
lolll somehow i thought david sedaris and george carlin were the same person for, like, years?? i'm not sure how i managed to cross those wires but i was #shook when i figured it out
Every so often I think Crispin Glover is black and he's....not? I confuse him with Danny Glover.
Tfw you did your eyebrows and are surprised whenever you pass a mirror.
welp i had sex with the new guy im dating last night....and i feel okay about it? normally i'm filled with self-loathing after sleeping with someone so this is good haha. he made me breakfast this morning which was cute ☺️
actually nvm he's taking too long to text me back

ok he just texted he's uncancelled


1 week ago

Bro, I have a feeling something is about to go down in the next two weeks besides the election and I can't get over it!!! Like IDEK if it's good or bad, but my gut is telling me to emotionally prepare myself for it.
Man I love a good “researching in the library” scene of a suspenseful movie
Have you seen the one in Se7en?
I think I saw it in high school but I honestly have no memory of it
Same! I love it when they do those old school newspaper computer thing (I hope you know what I’m talking about).


1 week ago

What is it with cats and remotes?

Doesn't matter where i set it down, it never fails that the cat will jump up there knock it off.
cats just do not care for any movable objects in their path. they are simple beasts, all they require is that you not place anything on any surface, lest they want to sit on it.
My friend's cat always ends up sitting on top of the remote, no matter where he puts it
okay? LOL
Meh 🤷🏽‍♀️
failing to see the issue here
Finally a good news story for 2020.
What is wrong with people?!

they seem to think being super-spreaders means they're now super heroes
He wants to one-up Herman Cain.
ppl are dumb
Google tells me he's a Democrat wtf
I hope they all catch it.
He gon get it.
Imagine dying for the cult of white supremacy. Can't relate.
This fool.
So I was finally able to see a specialist for my ear pain (which I was trying to schedule for four months). I got my hearing tested (which came out normal) and spoke to the doctor after. He checked the inside of my ear (which was normal) and asked me a few questions. I told him that all I had was pain in the area where my ear connects to my head, so he puts his fingers on the side of my head to check my jaw joints and it really hurts. He then comes to the conclusion that I have TMJ, apparently. So my pain for the past six months had nothing to do with my ears at all.

Great. Just what I need in my life, another fucking disorder to deal with.
Reminds me of a friend who had this insane toothache and spent so much money at the dentist for him to say nothing was wrong. Turned out she had a huge trigger point on her neck muscle that was causing the tooth pain 😓

But TMJ is manageable and can be recovered from. Wishing you the best!
That sucks for your friend. The body makes no sense sometimes. But it’s good that she was able to find out what was wrong though

I have a lot of problems with my body already, and to add another chronic illness to the list is so fucking frustrating. But at least I don’t have it as bad as others, cause I got a custom night guard a few days ago and I haven’t had the severe pain I usually have. But maybe it’s still too early to tell who knows. But I’ll mange it eventually. I’ll have to, you know..

Thanks for the kind words <3


1 week ago

omg! It's not the same but sometimes when my sinuses are acting up it feels like my gums are in pain. It's like my teeth could pop right out of my gums from the pressure.
I had bought a bunch of 32D bras, but they all caused bulging at the top of the cup. So I bought a few 32DD and they gap at the top when I move my shoulders. I asked A Bra That Fits for help, but no one has responded yet. Why are bras so complicated. :(
Something that can be an issue is that we all have fullness at different parts of our boobs. So like a certain style of bra/cup might not work for someone who tends to have fullness in the bottom half but will work for someone who has fullness in the top half. Bras are a lot of trial and error, tbh.
Yeah that's what I figured. I just don't know what bra shape would be best and having to figure it out by ordering online versus going in a store is extra frustrating
sometimes I feel like I'm managing to get through the mountain of shit I have to climb in order to survive, and other times I feel like I'm literally dissolving into a puddle of fucking goo

anyone here meeting people without using apps? i fucking hate apps and i need to stock my harem.
Eating banana runts
Hey mods, I've been blocked by someone so I can't reply to their posts. When I had blocked someone I was DMed and told I had to remove it, I've DMed about this one and got nothing.

Are we allowed to block now?
No, we can't- I'd PM a mod directly, they'll make sure it gets taken care of.
This happened to me too. It was a Halloween candy post and the user had me blocked.
$7.99 to have cineplex delivered to me. they're out of their minds & i'm out of mine bc i'm considering paying it lol.
god i could murder a movie popcorn rn. i miss the cinema.
lol i'm weak and ended up ordering it bc i'm going to have a little movie night with me myself and i lol. i would've spent the money on something stupid anyway. might as well enjoy myself lol.
It's so funny to me that you can order movie theatre popcorn on those apps lol


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