doggie (hjalmartazar) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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If anyone cares, I ordered dessert. Too much dessert and I'm a little embarrassed at how much it costs but whatever. I hope that whoever makes this delivery just figures that there are either three people here or that I'm going through some shit. Thank god for contactless delivery.
bb do you honestly
life's short & times are tough rn!
Babe, it's Friday and we stuck at home treat yourself!!! Xxx
I feel that way when ordering Chinese food for myself and they throw in 6 fortune cookies lol
omg i wish i had chinese rn instead of pizza hut lmao damnit

whatevskies, nothing matters in 2020! treat yourself!
I always order way more than a single person to eat but I'm feeding myself for the weekend so got to get plenty of food.
treat yo self, bb
BLESS nice profs. i was taking a test last night and i left the test to review some notes not realizing that i couldn't come back to it and it automatically graded me only 2 questions in with a 4/50. the test is worth 25% of my grade so i sat there literally sobbing at my laptop last night & e-mailed my prof asking if there was anything i could do either to take it again or do an assignment for makeup credit & he let me have another attempt. i finished the test with a 47/50. the school gods were really lookin out for me lol.
I really want nothing but great things for those two.
Chloe's hair reminds me of Sailor Ceres' hair
they're so beautiful and talented
About to get Botox for my migraines 😐 aimovig stopped working, I ran out of preventatives and triptans to try and the last time I did Botox I was 19 so we’re hoping it’ll work now. I hated it a decade ago and I imagine I’ll hate it now too 😩
does anyone have experience using betterhelp? i used talkspace in the past and it was successful and it's a little more affordable than betterhelp but i specifically want help with grief and a couple of other issues so i thought i'd open the door to something new. also if anyone has recs for other online counseling sites send them on!
We're going canoeing tomorrow on the Grand River (third week in a row!) with my bf's cousin and his gf.

He always picks the worst girlfriends - hes a unique dude and the women he date view him as a "fixer upper" and make him feel terrible about himself. After 12 years with him in my life he's one of my best friends and one of the best men I know and I hate seeing him go through this.

But his gf right now is amazing and loves him so much for who he is and it makes me so dang happy.

It's probably our last day trip bc covid rates are rising in Ontario - my town had 0 last week and 10 today, our whole day is socially distant though, we're even driving separate. Guarantee he gets lost.
Some fucker keeps playing a trumpet (maybe?) around 11pm. I usually go to sleep earlier than that, but if I'm awake that late it always keeps me up because it's not some smooth song, it's annoying all over the place sounds and usually lasts until midnight.
What an obnoxious time to play the trumpet. I bet in their mind everyone's loving their tunes. barf.
Wow I'm not normally Miss Snitchy-Snitch but speaking as a classical musician who has to practice in her apartment frequently (I try to be considerate), that is absolutely obnoxious and unacceptable. Have you complained to the landlord? I wouldn't blame you tbh...
I haven't yet. I might if it continues, but I bet all they'll do is send out a vague email saying not to play instruments late at night.


3 months ago

A neighborhood youth has been honing his trumpet skills in the am every Saturday and Sunday for the past 5 years now.... I feel your pain.
it’s extremely annoying when people do this but it’s even worse when it’s not melodious
i'm eating pizza hut rn and i know i'll regret it later but it's so so damn good

i also want to order DQ but i really shouldn't bc i have snacks here :(

Covid is really highlighting that some people are just wired wrong

The coronavirus needs to take people like that out.
There are so many men that I just want to punch in the face. So many.
I'm ready for the Bablefish, to be honest.
I want to lie in bed with my laptop but the battery level is too low :(
Are email notifications not working? I feel like people are replying to me but I cannot see it. 🤔
I'm not getting the emails about people reacting to my comments, so something is up.
Thanks! So, at least it's something that can be fixed.
My grocery store app decided to give me coupons for a free carton of ice cream and a free frozen pizza.

I love this app more than most family members.
I'm excited that I got free meatballs. cause its usually meh food items like cereal or yogurt
Good cookies that keep their shape like gingerbread but not gingerbread?
sugar cookies?
Yeah.. Idk they don't taste that yummy.. But I might add few flavours see how they tun out.. Thanks! :)
Paintbrush cookies

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