Jenna. (loveinchina) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Sia tweets support for Johnny Depp

Incomprehensible vocal queen, Sia, has tweeted her support for trashbag Johnny Depp and claims Elon Musk paid back Amber Heard the $7 million settlement money she donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles in 2018.source1 source2

sorry mods, third times a charm!! <3 
Tags: amber heard, celebrity social media, johnny depp, music / musician
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She's been off for awhile. Every time she talks about the kids she adopted it's Very Weird, and the way she talks about fostering...

Sia is a constant disappointment. We know.
Why? Why this and why now?
she's such a fucking mess i don't understand
What the fuck
Lol that’s one hell of a shitty take
sias gonna be on the transphobic beasts soundtrack
If that happens I'm laughing at the shamelessness OMG!
Sia what r u doing
Incoming next music video with Shia
Everything I've read and video, audio etc seems like him and Heard are BOTH abusive assholes imo.
And this woman was approved to adopt TWO kids recently?!

I know it’s not completely right to judge people based on their tweets but she seems unstable to put it lightly.
couldn't be me
cut some holes in that fucking wig dumbass you're blind
Girl, shut up.
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