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Sia tweets support for Johnny Depp

Incomprehensible vocal queen, Sia, has tweeted her support for trashbag Johnny Depp and claims Elon Musk paid back Amber Heard the $7 million settlement money she donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles in 2018.source1 source2

sorry mods, third times a charm!! <3 
Tags: amber heard, celebrity social media, johnny depp, music / musician
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I liked her music better when it didn’t all sound the same
When "Chandelier" came out, it felt like a breath of fresh air. It was emotive and hauntingly beautiful. It feels like she's used that as a template ever since and copies/pastes a new melody or lyric overtop of it. I believe she is an artist, and has the potential to evolve further artistically, but is stuck in the business side of the industry aimlessly seeking another predictable hit rather than trying anything new.
I love her early albums. She was very unique and interesting then. She still has an amazing voice though.
Her cover of Oh Father still makes me cry


6 days ago

breathe me is a fucking amazing song
ugh shut up
Has Sia always been like this? I feel like the last year she's gone off the deep end and is just fucking ridiculous.

Who cares if Elon gave her $7 million. I don't follow Amber religiously or anything but she seems to just be trying to live her life, like she doesn't do interviews or mention Depp yet his people and stans can't fucking move on. Dude still has a career and if it's dying it's because he's clearly an addict.
she was just living her life. every time people complain about the fact that this is still going I'm yelling "TELL THAT TO JOHNNY"
thank you. we truly needed you to publicly show your support. very important in these trying times.
Girl what
Worse than Jameela tbh
Go play with your wigs and stop posting nonsense.
Wow, not having a new Survivor season really affected her.
LOL We’re all suffering here not getting the Winners At War reunion finale show that we deserved
Is she on something?
She's an addict so hopefully not, but... 😬😬😬

Is she? I didn't know that.


1 week ago

JK Rowling will be retweeting this, any moment now.
Haha if that happens I will actually scream. Sadly it is a strong possibility
lol you just made me how realize how much of a strong possible it could be!!
She’s a mess. Some things are better kept to oneself.
You know for the longest time I thought this Cedric the Entertainer.....

Only recently am I realizing it's not looool!
And I just learned with this comment that it’s not lol


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

Was she drunk tweeting ? Bc this has to be the most stupidest take ever. No chill
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