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Unstable Larries Get “Harry Tomlinson” To Trend On Twitter

The insane Larry fandom is at it again. God I wish I could go back to not knowing what this is. Harry Tomlinson began trending on Twitter today after Larries randomly began to have a debate over who would change their last name if Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.

That’s right. These losers argued on social media about whether Harry would become Harry Tomlinson or if Louis would become Louis Styles. Of course this is nothing new, this fandom of fans have been delusional for years creating a relationship between Harry and Louis. As some might remember, this particular fan-fiction was even featured in one episode of HBO’s Euphoria.

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ONTD, do you ship real people online?
Stop that. Go outside.

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Tags: british celebrities, fandom / stan culture, harry styles, one direction

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Larry Stylinson walked so Taekook could run
The thing that truly gets me is all the "I was an ANTI-Larry but NOW I BELIEEEEEVEEE" transformations that have come out and I truly don't follow fandom like that so idk if they actually were Antis or just pretending but I couldn't fathom how someone could go from "This probably did not happen and if it did, it's gross to take this much ownership over it as a fan" to "No I totally believe that management kept them apart and that Harry was MISERABLE with all his beards. Just look at this exactly one pap shoot where he's walking with TS and meeting a baby in the cold! He looks so HEARTBROKEN!! WE KNOW THE TRUTH! HERE'S THE EVIDENCE!"

I have to laugh. I know they're truly unhinged and dangerous, but I have to laugh. Couldn't be me.
Shipping in general is pathetic
The older and more socialized I get the more I agree with this oop!
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