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Unstable Larries Get “Harry Tomlinson” To Trend On Twitter

The insane Larry fandom is at it again. God I wish I could go back to not knowing what this is. Harry Tomlinson began trending on Twitter today after Larries randomly began to have a debate over who would change their last name if Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.

That’s right. These losers argued on social media about whether Harry would become Harry Tomlinson or if Louis would become Louis Styles. Of course this is nothing new, this fandom of fans have been delusional for years creating a relationship between Harry and Louis. As some might remember, this particular fan-fiction was even featured in one episode of HBO’s Euphoria.

ONTD, do you ship real people online?
Stop that. Go outside.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Tags: british celebrities, fandom / stan culture, harry styles, one direction

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Dude it's fucking 2020, do these men even speak to each other anymore?! Why is this still going on?!
they don't. At all.

All these crazies definitely helped them to fall apart, how ironic no
Remy the rat sweetie I'm so sorry
Remy walked so Emily in Paris can patronise tbh

One true rat king
At least Remy respected French traditions in cooking.


4 months ago

thank you im feeling nauseous tbh
One of my sister's bf's named their dog after the cartoon rodent and it singlehandedly made me endeared to him.
I can't believe they're still doing this shit
do we have a category for best OP note of the year because if we do I'm nominating the one on this post

Deleted comment

It’s fucking 2020, so I can’t really be surprised that these crazies are back on their shit. I feel bad for Louis and Harry that these people bring them into it, and from their time in the band and media from it, it seems to have really hurt what at least looked like a good friendship, and that’s really sad if it’s true.


October 16 2020, 21:38:44 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 21:40:24 UTC

His name is Remy!
I will always read this as ASMR whispers lol
This, like 50ish year old guy I work with has a license plate with Stylinson (or however many letters fit on a CA plate.) I'm generally a fairly hardcore shipper, and every time I see it (back when I was in an office) I would cringe slightly.
Do they still think the baby is fake?
Probably! No matter how much he looks like his mini me.
Yes. When Briana made a Father's Day post for Louis this year with a pic of the two of them with their baby in the hospital bed, the Larries harassed her in the comments calling the baby fake among other shitty things. She ended up deleting the entire post. Smh.
So what are they going to think when that kid grows up? That they just hired an actor?
there was a tumblr account back in like 2015 that kept trying to "prove" that it was a doll lmao
i am far from a horton steels fan but i truly hope this results in him fucking off somewhere for another pap shoot on a yacht with kendall jenner. the fan meltdowns those few days were spectacular
have those two even talked to each other since 1D broke up? the hell is sustaining this fandom lol
I think some of these are new fans. I went to the profile of that Brooke person and she's 14. 😬
I mildly enjoy a couple of their songs but I did not think that 1D had the um… uh… well… musical quality to have a long-lived fandom attracting today's kiddos like that lolllllll

(I guess she coulda found the rabbit hole from an interest in harry's current stuff but still haha)
yikes wtf
Yeah they range from 11/12 on up. It's creepy af
no, they stopped talking while 1d was still a thing because the larries made them so uncomfortable.
It think they last spoke publicly when Louis had his X-Factor performance and the other 1D members were there to support him bc his mom died just weeks prior.

larrywerelastseeninthesameroom on tumblr is counting up the days
It's been 5 years, how are Larries still a thing? What is keeping them going now that they don't have those rainbow bondage bears sending them secret messages?
why do these people still exist
The fact these people probably destroyed any chance of real friendship those guys could have had when in 1D and STILL think that projecting their insane fantasies on them is okay is just gross.
i remember reading once that the reason Harry and Louis stopped being pictured in photos together and hanging out in public was because Larries made them uncomfortable. Like there's a line, Larries not only crossed it, they overshot it.
Yep. Zayn even said in a solo interview that they purposely avoided as much contact as possible because of the reactions from Larries. It's gross how they are towards them.
I had a friendship (and any possible relationship) destroyed in my private life bc our friend group would tease/harass us about it, I honestly feel so bad for them that they experienced that on such a larger public scale.
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