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Willow Smith says she and brother Jaden were “shunned” by the black community

Willow Smith spoke candidly on a recent episode of “Red Table Talk” saying that her and her brother’s unique sense of self-expression cost them their place in the Black community.

“With the African American community, I kind of felt like me and Jaden were shunned a little bit,” Willow said Tuesday.

When it comes to expressing themselves, the brother and sister duo live life on their own terms, and as a result, Willow believes the Black community felt they were “too different” to be accepted. “We’re not gonna take pride in them because they’re too different. They’re too weird,” the 19-year-old said.

Her mother Jada followed her comment with her own admission that she was mom-shamed by the same community due to how she chose to parent her children, Good Morning America reported.

“There was a firestorm,” Jada recalled as she spoke on her personal experience, specifically when Willow shaved her head at the age of 11 in 2012. But it didn’t stop there–in fact, the mother of two says it got worse when her son Jaden stepped outside gender norms by wearing clothes made for women like dresses and high heels.

“When he was wearing a skirt, then he isn’t what people consider your ‘typical Black man,'” Jada added.

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I understand and I can definitely see it. I’m Black was teased for being different growing up. But I do get uncomfortable when we have this blanket conversations about the Black community. Because it wasn’t just the Black community, everyone made fun of them. Especially on here, people are still hard on the Smith kids.
That was my initial reaction, however I think it is something when it's your own people clowning you. Like fuck everyone else, that's a different kind of hurt.

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it's wild, i went through this same thing growing up. but i'm super glad it didn't deter from me still being who i was/still am honestly & i'm glad they haven't changed either. the only that's changed is me not having as many white friends nowadays.
Preach. As long as you remain true to yourself, that’s all matters <3
It can be so hurtful to feel rejected by your own community. I hate saying this because I know how it sounds but it'll be better for the next generation, and I'm happy for that.
I'm glad to hear that.
Regardless, we just want to make sure you know that we got your back, no matter what!
they didn't lie

i have always stanned the unique indigo children philosophaden and philosophillow <3
this is such a complex convo. a black person having "non-traditional/non-stereotypical" interests could mean they genuinely like what they like. it can also mean they see black culture as less than and non-black cultures as superior. it might even be both. so sometimes the pushback is gatekeeping of "real blackness". but it can also be black people rightfully calling out their folks for not giving black culture its flowers.

but i agree with everyone saying it makes me feel some type of way knowing that non-black people are gonna tryna hop into this convo and totally derail it. ion like det.

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But that has nothing to do with how they choose to dress
a lot of blacks that grow up in predominately white areas feel this way all the time
I'm settling into this post. I feel like it'll teach me a lot of things just by reading the comments.
I love willow tbh
i get it and its true they were dismissed and that hurts so much in adolescence. i went through it. i’m glad willow and jaden have found community in black hippie spaces as they have grown up.

the weird black joy in Kid Cudi’s Surfin video is a VIBE and i want to live there forever. willow and jaden look so happy!

separate conversation but i’m over alt black people glorifying white alternative culture as if its not racist too. most likely its less racist than christian evangelical whites but whites are going to YT; no matter if they meditate, have body mods, or like cosplay.

its usually black teens who have low self esteem which i can excuse but when i see black adults act as if racism doesn't exist in their alt majority white spaces... LMAO
I'd need to know more context, frankly. the black community where? online? when they went to their grandmomma's house? church? did they actually hang with other black people? other black famous people? because honestly, the black community was also the only people defending their little weird asses.
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