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Cardi B Defends Her Relationship with Offset

cardi fought with her fans on twitter who tried to tell her she's in an emotionally abusive relationship with her still-husband offset and said they're fine, just dysfunctional, don't need no therapy and don't need people weighing in on their business.

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Tags: cardi b, celebrity social media, true love / love is dead

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Nah this is not it, like I was wishy washy sometimes because she could be right on the money and I like seeing black female rappers succeed but I'm tired of this. It's like she thinks it's cute to be dysfunctional and abusive and to be in this toxic situation. I'm done with trying to see good parts of her, she's a whole ass mess. There's nothing cute about bragging about toxicity and being spoiled. You're 28 years old, grow up.
Society teaches us that violence = passion = caring = love.
nnnn this just triggered my latina ass


4 months ago


4 months ago


4 months ago

at this point i see violent/volatile people who think it makes them look tough or passionate, and feel pity for the weak, hurt inner child i see.
It's disheartening to see her be dismissive about going to marriage counseling. She refuses to break the chain of dysfunctional relationships, it's probably all she knows. She deserves better and so does her child.


October 16 2020, 21:06:29 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 21:08:25 UTC

that's where i'm at. it's like she's so proud of being in a dysfunctional/abusive relationship. absolutely not a good look. it is crazy the lengths she will go to defend that cheater. always defending him and getting in trouble because of him


4 months ago

Does she not have anyone to tell her not to tweet this
"they want me to stay single" sounds like every narcissistic mother talking about her kids but she's talking about her followers.

Also if she's hitting him then he should think about leaving. I feel like she has no self awareness.
Seriously. It's worrying she thinks it's cute to be "crazy" and abusive like ??? Do you realize what you're saying.
She’s such a mess.
wtf. she needs intense therapy. also, i doubt you're getting off every time you fuck him cardi. girls use this excuse to keep around shitty men. buy a vibrator.
but she PRAYS
This is all just really sad tbh. It’s a shame the people around her encourage and endorse it, too. The way she’s so quick to accept that they’re dysfunctional and that’s just how it is. Idk, the whole thing makes me feel bad for her that this type of relationship is what is normal to her
Cardi... if you are the one hitting him, that's still an abusive relationship.
Yeah I though that was interesting. It won’t get much traction cause it’s coming from a women but it’s still abusive regarding :/
Oh you better believe this will get traction, especially in social media comments.


4 months ago


October 16 2020, 18:27:31 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  October 16 2020, 18:27:47 UTC

Right? She also seems to have this warped idea that physical abuse is the only thing that makes a relationship abusive - like cos he's not hitting her, their relationship is totally fine. Idt anyone even accused him of such - just emotional manipulation with the whole gift-buying and public attention seeking.


4 months ago

Yeah I'm not about this whole "well I'M hitting HIM so its okay" narrative - it's still abuse
“When I get tired of the sick, I’ll leave” “only thing that brings me back is the dick!”

Yeah I mentioned it in the last post but I remember her saying the thing when she broke up with a while before she got pregnant.

So yeah she’s gonna be on and off again with him for a while.
This was really upsetting seeing these last night. She really thinks her only option is Offset or being single...but there’s nothing wrong with being single! And there are other men out there, Jfc. Kulture shouldn’t be seeing this. What a dysfunction relationship.

And it’s crazy to me that even though she’s crazy successful, she still spends too much time online looking up what people say about her. I wish she’d log off.
I agree. But I think that’s part of her brand and image-and she knows this.

But maybe Cardi is also one of these people that just loves the attention and need from it all?
It sounds as though she's only staying for their daughter, which I don't understand. I get some people feel like they've failed or there's shame surrounding being a single parent, but she's rich af. Its not as if she doesn't have the resources for help, or she's not going to find another decent man who will step up.
I mean...if she doesnt want people getting involved in her personal life. then maybe stop being so open about everything? didnt she post a lot of things about havng sex with this dude, or everytime they fight and so on....she is literally letting people get involved in her bussiness because she makes everything so public.
I wish she could find some better dick, but hey who am I to say that can't even get dick for myself.. Is it hard to find? Yes. Good luck in the dick search (to anyone who needs it!)

Love yourself Cardi, we rooting for you!
seriously, not even if it had a tiny ATM built in and a button that makes it do laundry and dishes
uhm why is she discussing her relationship on twitter? this is weird.

imagine having that much money and not spending a cent of it on therapy
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