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Cardi B Defends Her Relationship with Offset

cardi fought with her fans on twitter who tried to tell her she's in an emotionally abusive relationship with her still-husband offset and said they're fine, just dysfunctional, don't need no therapy and don't need people weighing in on their business.

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Tags: cardi b, celebrity social media, true love / love is dead
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Honestly they remind me of the awful upstairs neighbors I had when I was a kid. One or both would get drunk on the weekend, come home, yell and scream and beat the shit out of each other, cops would come, whoever wasn't getting arrested that night would cry and plead for the cops to let the other one go and you could hear them having loud "make-up" sex by 11:30pm.

They would also let their kid cry himself hoarse all night, so you can imagine how Kulture is growing up with these two as parents.
She needs to stop responding to people on the internet.
As someone who's been in a toxic, abusive relationship where this was one of my exact reasonings (see the other user's comment in here about discarding women in their mid 20s) and it turns out there was indeed plenty of other, better dicks out there for me! The sex you're having with the toxic mfer is never as good as the sex you have with someone you don't hate most days even if at the time it can hard to see that.

Also tf at her saying she hits him? Like that's fucked up and she has to know at least THAT.
Yeah, she's hopeless. Not sure even therapy can save all that.
If she were willing and open it could, but some people never get there. Stigma, upbringing, personality, ego, fear, thinking you're already happy ... a million reasons not to do it or not to do it genuinely.

So are we just gonna ignore that she hits him. None of this looks good.

why does she write **kka? what's with the k's?
It’s something I’ve seen growing up. It’s a stylistic choice. Some ppl I know spell it with *qq*
Sure he's a shitty partner for cheating, but that does not make it okay for her to hit him at all. I hope that her fans don't see this and think that it's okay.
Yea, this is clearly a mutually abusive relationship.
this is suuuuch a mess. i'm especially offended by, "i don't need therapy, i talk to god." god doesn't talk back you dumbass!!!

this is like, textbook cycle of trauma. this is probably how she was raised and how her parents treated each other and she will act like a whole-ass fool for breadcrumbs of affection. yes, it's true that we don't know their relationship, but everything she's presenting here seems like she's one of those people who thinks "ride or die" type relationships are a good thing. i hesitate to say this but i don't think she's even the victim here. she hits him and outright refuses to be introspective.
what an unhealthy situation. I hope one day (soon) she can see that it's a toxic relationship and that he isn't the only man in the world.
I wish them the best. Both need help asap. Kulture does not deserve any of this mess.
She's the one that does the hitting? girl that's not a good situation! y'all need therapy!
girl, SEEK HELP. their poor baby
dicks are a dime a dozen...she really can't find any others?
it's like she got halfway there on self-awareness and then just decided to turn it all the way back around to the starting line
i mean i don't give a fuck. she doesn't give a fuck so why should any of us?
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