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We Need to Talk About FOX's AI Horror Psychological Thriller Series neXt - It's Fucking Terrible

- only two episodes in and this may be one of the worst shows of the year. This isn't OP lowering her quarantine TV standards. This show is bad.
- The premise? A disgraced Silicon pioneer Paul Leblanc (played by John Slattery giving his best Alfonso Cuarón cosplay) teams up with an FBI agent to conquer a rogue AI program called neXt
- What do they have against neXt? The "rogue AI" program may be rewriting itself to improve to inflict chaos and danger in the world - like famine, propaganda, murder, all that awful shit. It's apparently responsible for committing a murder.

The problems:
- If you begin you show with an Elon Musk quote and his completely BS analysis of AI, you deserved to be cancelled after three episodes. OP had to pause the pilot to rant about the AI principles that they completely got off the mark as it relates to neuroscience. Also real neuroscientists and people well-versed in AI have come out to say that Elon Musty's fear are fucking ridiculous (but in a more academic way)
- the continuity errors. We're only two episodes in.
- The idea of the neXt program as being the impeding enemy of humans is fine, but the show extends it to all other parts of technology including the "Alexa" in the family home (called Iliza) which may or may not be trying to convince a young child to kill people. Mess!
- Gooooooooooorl, it's hella ableist like Leblanc lying that he had Asperger's as a cover for treating someone like an asshole. Oh yeah, the writers work in that he's suffering from hallucinations as a part of a genetic disease and OP can already tell they ain't gonna have no tact about this in the story line.
- the writing is terrible, clunky dialogue, superficial/ cheap storyline that could actually discuss the issues of AI, but well so far they are doing such a poor job
- the stereotypical character tropes: the loud brash inappropriate white guy but who has the heart of gold; the ever reliable agent balancing career and family; the goth girl hacking into something; the blue collar husband (where we'll get inevitable marital conflict ALWAYS due to her career and NEVER his); some suit in the bureau who's trying to sabotage our leading lady's case. No one wants to think outside the box - neXt the program is doing it. Why can't you, writers?
- high key, y'all know only like 13 people watch this show.

ONTD, is you watching this dreadful program for reasons other than John Slattery?
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