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Vulture chats with Sohla El-Waylly


Sohla chatted with E. Alex Jung and said some things that has r/bon_appetit in shambles

Sohla did not like the role Bon Appétit (BA) put her in:

“It became increasingly frustrating to become a sidekick to people with significantly less experience than me.”

She is still processing how things ended at BA

“My husband, he’s half Bolivian and half Egyptian, and we’ve been talking about how we’ve internalized these things. That we really think we are worthless, so you don’t want to ask for more.”

Brad is a dumbass:

“The fact is Brad’s show did do very well. For some reason, people like watching a big dumb white guy. But why? What does that say about the audience? Why do you want to watch this incompetent white man when we have one in the fucking Oval Office?”

Chris Morocco is complicit

“And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person [a possible new hire] would never be allowed to develop recipes.”

and someone is lying:

Condé Nast says Chris Morocco is "not responsible for hiring practices"

Sohla says he is

[OP remembers a video where Chris clearly said he hired her?]

She was the ony who told Adam Rapoport he had to resign in an all-staff Zoom meeting:

“He thought it was going to be like a five-second thing like, ‘Sorry, this happens, I guess we’ll talk later.’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about? We’re not done. You should totally resign. Absolutely.’ He was like, ‘Maybe. Maybe I should help fix this and then go.’ And I’m like, ‘No, man. You got to go.’”

she also talks about her background, it's a good read!
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