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The View: Jimmy Kimmel, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #BoycottNBC Biden Town Hall Tonight

NBC is trash for rewarding T45 with free air time on NBC CNBC MSNBC because T45 refused to follow the debate rules regarding covid and that the debate committee said mics would be cut for interruptions. This man never suffers consequences. The panel rails about why they’re competing instead of having a proper debate. Ratings will go to T45 which is all he wants to brag about, but it’s because it’s airing on three channels plus people will tune in to watch a train wreck even though they’re voting for Biden. Plus people who have already voted, will watch for rage-entertainment. Joy is worried about the election -don’t be complacent, make a plan to vote and take people with you. Sara believes ideal scenario was a debate with updated rules, so why didn’t they schedule it at a different time or day, and NBC is even more trash for claiming it was for fairness not money (lol x infinity). T45 already did a town hall format and it was a disaster whereas this is a format that Biden does well with.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

T45 likes to play Macho Man (and other Village People songs) at his kkk rallies to appeal to Idk -Hispanic population and gay people? He keeps saying he wants to kiss everybody /vomit/ Ana weighs in on behalf of her FL community. Anyone who is actually macho doesn’t need to announce it and spend $70K on hair styling.

Panel continues to discuss Crazy Covidiot attempt to appeal to Hispanic population. Ana thinks men have been raised to think Men Don’t Cry so when they see Biden showing empathy and compassion, it’s anathema to their upbringing.

MelaniE had someone write a coherent message about her AND Barron having covid, where she talked about her symptoms and her pretend-fake image makeover pretending to care about the American plebes who have also been sick. The WH is promoting herd effect to which Fauci calls ridiculous and total nonsense. The number of people who would have to get sick and recover, and get sick and die, is whew boy.

Hot Topic #BoycottNBC Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has returned to the studio for his late night show and he’s promoting Who Wants to be a Millionaire. They talk about Kimmel hosting the Emmys in virtual format. He and his family went on an RV road trip vacation this summer so he talks about that. They talk about covid a bit, and him purchasing an RV for this trip. He liked being able to tune out the news. Kimmel wrote the profile for Fauci for Time 100 Most Influential list.

Talks to his daughter about her career aspirations, shows clip. Then they talk about WWtbaM, tells stories about Regis Philbin and others.

Ontd was your twitter down today?

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