Lily Collins Revealed Her Emily in Paris Character's Age--and Now We're Confused

In an interview with British Vogue, Lily Collins, 31, was asked how old her character Emily was and what was her level of professional experience. Lily revealed that she thinks Emily is a 20-something.

"I don't believe we've ever given her a specific 'number' for her age, but I believe that she's pretty fresh out of college," Collins said. "Maybe this is her first year after graduation. I want to say she's like, 22-ish."

"She's had enough experience at her company in Chicago," Collins continued, "to have earned the respect of her boss. She's a smart cookie and really innovative – and this is not her first rodeo doing what she does.”

Collins went on to say that Emily did internships in school but she doesn’t believe she ever travelled abroad during college.

The internet was confused and has been debating how old Emily would actually be.