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25 Movie Stars Who Deserved To Have Way Better Careers

- Brendan Fraser
"He should be doing action movies right now like Tom Cruise, but instead his career suffered because he was bold enough to raise his voice against Hollywood abusers. Later, he gained a little weight and people were brutal to him and made fun of him mercilessly. Audiences AND Hollywood executives are responsible for the state of his career."

- Hattie McDaniel
"She was equally great in comedies and dramas (despite almost always being cast as either a maid or a slave). In many cases, she was the most interesting person in the film or seemed to keep the film together. Even though she never received a role worthy of her talent, she still won an Academy Award for her role as 'Mammy' in Gone with the Wind. At the ceremony, she was forced to sit at a segregated table against the wall away from the other nominees."

- Annabella Sciorra
"She — plus Mira Sorvino, Rose McGowan, and others — had their careers purposely tanked by Harvey Weinstein. For many women in Hollywood, there were specific reasons their careers failed to materialize."

- Naveen Andrews
"He deserved an amazing career after Lost. He was super compelling on the show and a real breakout character."

- Tippi Hedren
"She refused sexual advances by Alfred Hitchcock and he made her life on the set of The Birds hell. He made her shoot a scene with real birds chained to her as they clawed at and attacked her. After refusing him for the last time, Hitchcock blackballed her in Hollywood and her career was severely affected. Add to this that no one listened to her story until after Hitchcock's death, and that she was a bright, beautiful, and insanely talented woman."


Who do you think deserve a better acting career??
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