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"BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky" Director On The Members and YG, + Review Round-Up

-Nylon interviewed BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky director Caroline Suh on the making of the Netflix movie:

-Suh, on Jennie, who opens her interview in the film saying she doesn't like talking about herself: "She's shy, but she is also very unguarded in a lot of ways. She tells it like it is. If she is going to talk, she's going to be honest. That's what you see in the interview is her being totally straightforward, which is how she is."

-On Rosé, who the film shows in the studio working on solo material: "I think she wanted to show that side of herself. At the same time, when we were inside [of the studio] filming with her, she forgot we were there. She was really concentrating on the song. I love that scene because you can see on her face, without any words, all of the emotions she's going through, the fear but also the determination. I love seeing her push herself and do something she was terrified of because she really was."

-On Lisa, who speaks in Thai, her native language, for her interview: "What we said to all of them is to speak in whatever language or languages you feel most comfortable in. Lisa is incredible. She just drifts in and out of three languages during the interview, and that's fun to see. It's very natural for her."

-On Jisoo, who is usually seen as quiet and reserved by people unfamiliar with BLACKPINK: "I love Jisoo. She's really funny. She is very mature. I just like her a lot as a person. Her instinct is to take care of everyone else, to step back and help everyone else be successful. I love when Teddy says that she's street smart because that shows a different side of her. You really shouldn't take her powers for granted. She's a force. She's very subtle, and there are small moments in the film where she shows who she really is. At the beginning when they're in the recording studio, she sings one note, and it's really funny. When she's cooking with Jennie and says it's not bad but not good. She has these subtle, very funny moments."

-On YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK's label, and whether or not they sought control of the film: "You know, it was surprisingly really not an issue. When we were planning the shoots and trying to figure out what to film with the girls, YG just said, 'Ask the girls. Don't ask us.' They have to approve it and be happy with the filming. So they really had very little to do with our production plan and what we were going to film and what we weren't. They had no real presence in the interviews. It was a nice surprise that they were respectful of the process and didn't try to control it at all. And we had final cut, so they saw the film at the end. Luckily, they were very happy with it. I was pleasantly surprised. Because whenever you're dealing with any celebrity or talent you always feel like there might be layers to get through. But there really weren't."

-The documentary currently has 100% on RottenTomatoes with nine reviews

-CNN's Brian Lowry says: "The challenge is to make it more than just an infomercial. Seen that way, Blackpink: Light Up the Sky manages to offer a welcome reminder that even for K-pop's reigning queens, all that glitters isn't always gold."

-Natalia Winkelman from The New York Times: "Here is an economy in which companies make millions by working kids to the bone. Skimming the topic is a missed opportunity, but the film's winsome stars are its saving grace."

-Mikael Wood from LA Times: "What does it mean that Blackpink seems more interesting in a documentary than in the music that led to the doc's creation? Perhaps it's the strategy for survival the women know they'll need."

-San Fran Chronicle's Todd Inoue: "The lack of controversy in Light Up the Sky can make the movie feel tightly manicured. But what you miss in internet-fueled scuttlebutt, you gain in human insight."

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