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ONTD Original: A Brief List Of Public Hollywood Affairs

While we are all bewildered by the Lily James (not Lily Collins!) and Dominic West (not Dominic Cooper!) affair, lets revisit some past public affairs:

Ryan and Russell Crowe

A mostly forgotten scandal these days, but it was a huge deal at the time. They hooked up on the set of Proof of Life (in 2000) while she was married to Dennis Quaid.

Relationship status after it:
She and Quaid got divorced.

Impact on their careers: He won an Oscar in 2001 and her filmography is pretty much shit after 2000.

Sienna Miller und Balthazar Getty

They were photographed sucking face all over europe in 2008 while he was very much married.

Relationship status after it: His wife took him back and they are still together.

Impact on their careers: He has Getty money, so he doesn't really need to work. Her acting career never really took off.

(edit: that's not even Getty in the pic, oop)

Ewan McGregor and Elizabeth Winstead

When picture of them kissing at a café appeared everyone screamed "open marriage", but his wife saw it differently and divorced his ass.

Relationship status after it:
they seem to still be together and his kids openly hate her .

Impact on their careers: Birds of Prey kinda flopped, but i don't think it was their fault.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

An ontd classic! The staus of her relationship with Robert Pattinson during it is not really clear, but Sanders was very much married to Liberty Ross.

Relationship status after it: Robsten was done for good and Sanders got divorced.

Impact on their careers:
her career did take a hit but she seems to be doing fine now. his last movie credit is Ghost in the Shell.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

yeah, i'm not getting into that mess.

source: my brain and google
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