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The View: Cindy McCain, Gretchen Whitmer, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and guest host Cindy McCain

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Guest Host Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain is a guest host for the whole show but also has her own segment. Talks about crossing party lines to officially endorse and (already last week) campaign with Biden-Harris in Arizona. She says all the things you’d think she’d say about the relationship Biden had with her husband and being able to be civil and act like normal humans even though they disagreed on policy. She doesn’t think her husband or two sons (who also served) are losers and suckers. She previously worked with Kamala on human trafficking and thinks she’s a good fit.

Her mother in law Roberta McCain died yesterday at the whopping age of 108!

She talks about her new granddaughter baby Liberty, the first girl of the grandchildren

Hot Topic Gretchen Whitmer

First Gretchen talks about the domestic terr0rists who plotted to kidnap, try, and then execute her. Thinks T45 was complicit in inciting them. Says they’re not militias, they’re terr0rists. Bananas. This should be talked about relentlessly by all media outlets. They also talk about covid restrictions, she says she wouldn’t change a thing, she saved people’s lives by following the science. Works in plugs for Biden-Harris throughout. The fact T45 attacked her rather than reach out with humanity is another example of why he must go.

Then Gretchen talks about FBI revealing there was also talk of a plot to do the same with VA Governor Northam. More emphasis on the rhetoric leading to this debacle vs those who should be speaking against this regardless of party affiliation.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Biden continues to hold socially distant drive-in rallies where people stay in their cars and can see-hear on screen and loud speakers (actually, pretty clever adaptation) while Covidiot is back to holding super-spreader kkk rallies in FL (with people who mostly don’t wear masks), dances to In the Navy and YMCA and says he’s going to kiss men and women on the lips. He’s so crazy. /vomit/ Clips of people who claim masks are dangerous, and the flu kills more people than covid. Sara has a low key rant about misinformation while Cindy nods her head Yes. Lol she’s normal vs Me-again is such a petulant brat. Covidpalooza has these people brainwashed.

Hot Topic Mental Health Challenges During Pandemic

Panel talks about how they’re coping during 2020 The Year of the Devil. Sara has anxiety and sometimes depression, that has come back a bit. What does self-care look like. Joy says people struggling to get by are in need of a new stimulus package because (the lack of) it is contributing to the malaise. Sunny is grateful to work from home and have her family close by but is hopeful the election will help us get out of this. Cindy talks about all her ups and downs and the quarantine 15 hitting her thighs. Wants people to try and stay connected to others best as possible. Whoopi gives a pep talk.

12M Americans have already voted! Almost 10% of 2016 turnout.


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