Fabrice Fabrice (pikapika217) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Fabrice Fabrice

Glam & Gore called out by former friend over racial insensitivity, gaslighting, casual homophobia

* Glam & Gore aka Mykie is a makeup youtuber who specializes in both SFX and beauty looks, often mixing the two.

*Swoop aka Spankie Valentine is a former friend who, during the course of an hour long video uploaded yesterday, details years of gaslighting, casual racism and self victimization

* Shows text messages and recounts stories of -

- Mykie feeling like she's too harshly criticized for culturally apporpriative makeup

- feeling like she's discriminated against for being blonde & white and hating both J Voldemort & James Charles (yes, good) for feeling like they are getting more opportunities solely for being gay (wait, what??)

- how she - in moments where Spankie came to her about racial issues - would equate those struggles to being white and blonde.

- Positioning herself as an ally for social points

Mykie herself took to instagram stories (that are about to run out, good thing I screencapped) as a response (but oddly didn't post this to her twitter???) -

[Under Here]

Prompting Swoop to add a pinned post to her video that feels like a response to that.

[Under here]

Sources: 1 & 3 , 2
Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, race / racism
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