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The View: Anita Hill, Jaime Harrison, Dr Rick Bright, Alex Gibney, Hot Topics

Friday panel was Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana. Monday panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

Friday + Monday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Handmaid Hearings

SCOTUS confirmation hearings started today for Amy Coney Barrett who has been revealed as a liar, a member of a cult-sect not sanctioned by or part of the actual Catholic Church and apparently the GOP thinks the most important reason she should be confirmed is because she has 5 bio kids and 2 adopted kids and 11 siblings. She will be the least qualified EVER put forward for SCOTUS based on her actual limited judicial experience.

Sara likes it when the court is balanced with 4 originalists, 4 living document, and 1 swing vote. Handmaid ACB was literally a handmaid during her early days of the sect. The Dem nominee is a devout Catholic, the Speaker is a devout Catholic, 6 of existing SCOTUS are Catholic. So it’s b/s that she’s being persecuted for being Catholic but fair question why she’s in a weird cult where women are meant to make babies and make house and make dinner. 2/3rd of America support legal abortion and 2/3rd America supports gay marriage. She’ll take the country backwards, against the country’s belief system. Then add dismantling health care availability and protection from pre-existing conditions.

Hot Topic Media Didn’t Learn Anything From 2016

The media didn’t learn anything from #butheremails so now they’re in an uproar because Biden won’t answer a question about court packing. So what does The View do? Add to the whataboutism. It’s a no-win answer this close to election and he shouldn’t be asked to begin with.

1-it’s not court packing, it’s court balancing (if it occurs) and 2-the story is GOP court packing at district, appellate, federal level, and rushing SCOTUS weeks before election after millions have already voted, not the nominee who can’t legislate or influence the hearings right now

Hot Topic Rick Bright and Alex Gibney on Covid Failure

First clip, Dr Bright and Director Gibney promote their documentary Totally Under Control and talk about their distrust of T45 admin and reaction to him getting covid. Lota of inside info about how T45 behaved which is no surprise but more incompetence, bullying, and buffoonery.

Second clip, more promo of their documentary including why they think the CDC nor FDA would speak on the record (spoiler alert Dear Leader fascism).

Programming Alert
Tuesday 13 October
Totally Under Control will be available on-demand in NEON's digital store, or via Apple TV/iTunes, Amazon Prime, FandangoNow, Google Play, YouTube, or Vudu.
Next week, Totally Under Control will be available to stream on Hulu.

Hot Topic Friday Show Domestic Terrorists Plot Against MI Governor Whitmer

In alternate universe time, this would be wall to wall coverage for days-weeks, but anyway, T45 incited this madness and now here we are. On top of this, the FBI says there are more investigations underway and this was only an early start to arresting domestic terr0rists. A (white male) idiot on twitter claimed some of the domestic terr0rists were easy prey for being radicalized due to economic disadvantages (because some photos after the house was raided) looked like they were in a low income area but lol the ratio on that guy’s tweet plus the proof that the photos showed they weren’t low income AT ALL. Click here to read the twitter smackdown on this bullsh|t3 BR 2BA with inground pool, on 2 acres

Hot Topics Friday Show Anita Hill is Voting Biden

Anita Hill explains why she is voting for Biden-Harris

Hot Topic Friday Show SC Senate Candidate Jaime Harrison

Good guy, good segment, not gonna recap because too many news cycles since then. Tech problems during his portion, they lost his feed, hence the 3rd clip where they debrief his remarks.

. Their Friday debate was cancelled because Lindsey Graham refused to take a covid test. That can only mean he feared he might be positive, which would’ve derailed today’s start of Handmaid Hearings.

. Do not donate money to Harrison. He finished Q3 with $57M and he can’t spend all that before the election, short of actually giving $$$ to voters (which is illegal lol). If you still want to help SC Senate, then maybe volunteer to write postcards or text or phone bank for voter turnout on Harrison’s behalf. Go to this link for info

Instead of debating, Lindsey did this, so amplify it best as you can especially if you’re in SC or know people there Tweet


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