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90 Day Fiance The Other Way "Ready or Not" mini recap

Hello 90 Day Hamily! Last night 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returned after a break so long that Devan probably had time to learn Korean, except let's be real she totally didn't. Anyway, here's a quick mini recap, since people seemed to enjoy discussing the episodes in previous 90DF posts!

Previously, Brittany moved to Jordan and refused to disclose that she's still married to someone else, and also that she has no plans to convert to her fiance Yazan's religion. Ari decided to get it on unprotected with a guy she met in Ethiopia and now has to pretend she is totally in love with him. Jenny and Sumit tried yet again to prove age ain't nothing but a number even if those numbers are 62 and 30. Kenny and Armando had everyone rooting for their love to save 2020. And just like in real life, nobody cares about CheeseStick, only about his cat.

Jenny and Sumit
90 day 6.jpg

Sumit took the slowest walk ever to his parents house, so long that Jenny had to go out in search of food without him. At their home, Mother and Father Sumit say they will never support Sumit marrying Jenny, and they will never allow it. As he enters their home, Sumit touches his parent's feet, explaining to the camera that in India, it is a custom to touch the feet of their parents and elders. I'm suddenly kind of creeped out as I remember how he cut Jenny's toenails for her and gave her a pedicure.

The conversation between Sumit and his parents is intense, like Bollywood drama intense. They refuse to accept a marriage between Sumit and his elder, because it will look bad, and also because in 10 years Jenny will be a senior citizen, and he should be taking care of his aging parents, not his aging wife. He says he can take care of both, and I also would like to remind Mother Sumit that she also has other kids who can be helping out. Mother Sumit lays a guilt trip like no other, pointing out that Father Sumit is spending all his savings paying $20,000 so Sumit can be divorced. Of course, seeing as how they arranged the marriage that Sumit didn't want, I sort of don't feel bad about that. She also fears Sumit is leaving the family for Jenny, but he reminds her that he's trying to have both. There is much crying, and Sumit reminds his parents that he told them he was so miserable that he wanted to commit suicide a couple of times. Mother Sumit just cries, and Father Sumit begrudgingly tells him that maybe with time, they can come to accept Jenny but they will have to see.

Sumit meets Jenny in a restaurant and tells her his parents are concerned about the age difference and who will take care of Jenny and his parents. Jenny tells him she is in perfect health unlike his unhealthy parents, so she will definitely be trying to outlive them out of spite. She tells him she isn't asking him to choose her over his parents, and he says even if she asks, the answer is no. But he does still want to be with her, and he says they will just need to keep working on his parents to get them to accept this. Good luck with that one!

Brittany and Yazan
90 day 4.jpg

Brittany flies all the way to Chicago, pretending she's going to see her sister's new baby, when in reality she has a court date about her divorce. She tells her mother she's ready to be divorced, so she can marry Yazan even though they are having problems and his parents want to her to do things like *gasp* delete her social media! She says she wants to be honest, but they are insane. Her mom tells her to just keep on being Brittany....and looks like that's gonna include keeping on being married, because when Brit-Brit shows up to court, the paperwork hasn't been filed and she's not getting divorced today. She wants to go full Karen and ask for a manager, but instead she's gonna have to come up with more excuses to stay in the US so she can refile for divorce. Is it too soon to ask her sister to have another baby??

Ariela and Biniyam
90 day 3.jpg

After getting into a screaming match in the cab about how much rent they can afford on a decent apartment (Ari-whatever her parents send her, Bini-$0) they finally compromise and find a walk up apartment near the hospital. It looks fine to me, but it definitely doesn't meet Ari's standards. But it does have a kitchen and a bathroom, so she considers that a win. Ari is concerned about their money situation, in that her parentsshe is paying for everything, and the stuff she wants needs for the baby is more expensive here. There is no way Bini's job as an buttcheek bongo player can pull down the dollars Ari expects. Especially when she tells him she doesn't want him working all the time and leaving her with the baby. She wonders if they are ready to be parents, and I think this is something she probably should have thought about before having unprotected sex with a guy she barely knows while on her parental funded finding herself trip.

One thing Bini *does* want to spend Ari's parents money on is a car, so they head over to the local used car lot to take a look. Ari is stunned that the prices are so much higher than in the US, and I can't totally blame her. While I would expect prices to be higher, $23,000 for a 2008 Toyota Yaris, or $17,000 for a 2001 compact sedan does seem to be a little excessive. Bini's dream of driving will have to wait another day.

A few days later, the couple goes to the hospital, because the baby hasn't been moving a lot in the last few days. After an ultrasound, it's discovered that Baby BinAri is breech, and Ari will need a C-section. She wants to wait and see if the baby turns around on his own, but the doctor tells her no way. Ari has way way too little amniotic fluid, so the baby isn't going to turn around. She has to have this C section--TODAY! Ari understandably goes into shock because she's not ready to be a mom, and not ready to do this without her own mom there.

Tim and Melyza
90 day1.jpg

Zzzz...nobody cares. Basically, Melyza says post breakup she had a sexual relationship with someone else. She's not sure how to tell Tim because even after he cheated, they never really defined if they weren't going to hook up with other people right away. Girl, you got cheated on by a dude nicknamed Cheesestick. I think the fact that you are allowed to find a rebound right away is kind of implied by that fact.

Kenny and Armando
90 day 2.jpg

Kenny and Armando are on their way to Armando's parents, last seen not really accepting their son's lifestyle. Armando is nervous about...well, everything. He's nervous about bringing Kenny home. He's nervous about his parents' reactions to Kenny. He's nervous about announcing their engagement, and wonders if he should keep that to himself, especially since Kenny kind of pressures him to be more open about it. Kenny feels Armando is still trying to hide Kenny by not announcing they are engaged, and tbh this is one thing about Kenny that irritates the hell out of me. Armando knows his parents, knows his culture. He knows how he needs to approach this, and Kenny can't just bust in straight from the USA and expect it to the the same as here, where more people would be accepting of them.

They arrive, and Armando's entire family (except Dad) is there to greet them around a bonfire, but it's super uncomfortable...except for Hannah, who is excited to see her two dads. Since Kenny has never bothered to learn Spanish or look into Google Translate, he can't communicate with anyone except Armando's sister, who speaks a little English. Armando's mother tries to make small talk, but just ends up weeping about her son leaving her for this life she isn't sure if she can accept, and taking her granddaughter with them to boot. They go to try and coax Father Armando out of his room to greet the couple. He is resistant, but comes out. He hugs Armando, shakes Kenny's hand but barely looks at him or acknowledges him before going back into his room.

Back at the bonfire, Armando rips off the Band-aid and announces that he and Kenny are engaged. His family is shocked, and Mother Armando tells the camera she wishes he had told her privately first before announcing it in front of his extended family. Kenny says he felt Mother Armando was embarrassed and wishes the family saw this as something beautiful and not horrible.

Back in their room, Armando tries to put a positive spin on things, saying at least Father Armando came out to see them, but Kenny is more pessimistic, making it all about himself, telling Armando he got bad vibes from his dad and his dad just "looked through" Kenny. Kenny fears Armando's family will blame him for any rift between Armando and his family. The two reaffirm their love, but a dark cloud hangs over it now.

This season: Ari hates everything about Bini and tells him it's *her* baby; Deavan is mad cause she only gets to have a one hour wedding ceremony instead of the lavish one she saw on Crazy Rich Asians; CheeseStick and Melyza remain boring; Kenny and Armando encounter hurdle after hurdle in their attempts to get married; Jenny wishes Sumit's family would get off her back about her AARP card; and Brittany is straight up gonna get Yazan killed by his own father.


What did you think of the ep, ONTD watchers?
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