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Review Roundup: "SOUL"

Premiered at BFI London Film Festival ahead of it's November  December 25th Disney+ release. Currently at 100% on RT.

"a mix of Christianity and Buddhist notions filtered through C.S. Lewis' 1945 novel The Great Divorce and Powell and Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death (1946), with a bit of What Dreams May Come (1998) psychedelic kitsch thrown in for good measure." Phew!

"“Soul” aims admirably high, yet ultimately can’t quite fulfill the scale of its ambitions."

Talks about how it's the first black protagonist but he still turns into a blue blob so.

Kinda generic.

"the bigger themes of the film get sidelined and the wonder starts to subside." It gets generic.

Not quite cohesive, but still good.

tldr; Interesting concepts, convoluted third act. So far, it seems the parts people have problems with are what they originally wanted to do with "Coco", if you've ever seen the director's commentary version.

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Tags: disney, jamie foxx, review
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