Like an unmade bed. (likeanunmadebed) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Like an unmade bed.

Kristin Cavallari has a new man in her life

Kristin Cavallari was spotted making out with a random male this weekend at the Fulton Market in Chicago. (Making out? In this pandemic?)

Internet detectives have identified him as comedian Jeff Dye, and he's been liking/commenting on her Instagram since August.

More about him:
-He's been on a few MTV shows and hosted MTV's Club New Year's Eve 2013 Live
-He starred in Dierks Bentley's music video for "Drunk on a Plane"
-He used to date the WWE's Becky Lynch
-He has a podcast
-He has a goldendoodle named Bub (pics at the source!)

In July, he joked about liking women with kids:
"I like dating women who have kids because they're already going to all the places I was gonna go," he wrote. "They'll tell me their day like 'we are getting breakfast, going to the water park, then getting ice cream' I'm like me too! Shot gun!"


PS: Kristin was drunkenly singing Come Clean by Hilary Duff (aka the Laguna Beach theme song) on her Instagram stories last night, and it's still up if you wish to see it!
Tags: comedy / comedian, new couple alert, reality show celebrity, the hills / laguna beach stars
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