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Real Housewives of Potomac 5.11 "Robyn Been DVR'ing Suze Orman, But She Ain't Been Watching" Recap

- We are going to where baby Kurn grew up and see some Historical Sites where the Taco Bell at which she worked. Ray is ret for ha to bounce!
- Blu Cantrell tells Juan that she likes the engagement ring. (This should signal to Juan that he should probably pick another ring.)
- The Nosy Sugar Baby left her baby at home to tether SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse to be a parent and not fuck a stripper
- Her Brokeness meets with Mini Dorothy to tell her that MLMonique has no remorse. FOLDED NAPKIN HITTING TEAR DUCT ALERT. Mini Dorothy considers pressing charges.
- Her Brokeness still brokenness. She lost all of Juan's NBA money when married and losing it and they ain't together mess.
- We meet Kurn's cute family and her family farm. I ain't mad with that black land ownership - come on with it!
- MLMonique calls. Kurn reveals that she advised Candiace look into pressing charges.
- We meet Professor Chaos' sister, Ivy, MD! Her sister's impression of their momma lmaoooo
- DIS WIG HUNNY. Tatiana has such a prominent American accent being from Latvia. Also take the tag off that damn coat.
- Okay, but Kurn's all blue outfit with the Goyard bag is kinda all types of rich auntie goals
- Yay, a dog is getting adopted and a new home 🥰
- Imma need Blu Cantrell 1 to drop these 1980s serial killer mugshot shades
- T'Challa is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disappointed Lady Mo'beth's pastor isn't Patron Saint of Illegetimate Children Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant

Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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