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ONTD Original: Songs released during, and relevant, to these COVID times

The coronavirus has inspired several artists to release music relevant to what's going on in 2020...

1. House Arrest - Sofi Tukker ft. Gorgon City

Sample lyrics: "You can't have what's next til you hang with it for awhile/This is house arrest/Come but wear your Sunday best"

Fun fact: This song was written over a year ago when singer Sophie Hawley-Wild broke her leg in Australia and couldn't leave the house. However, when COVID hit, the lyrics took on a whole new meaning. And now Sofi Tukker plays this song daily on their live 1 PM EST DJ sets on Instagram.

2. Meet Again - LP Giobbi

Sample lyrics: "Won't be long until this ends/We'll go out/Like we used to do/We'll shine bright/Like the sun and moon"

This song was popularized on the Sofi Tukker DJ sets. (And thus marks the end of this OP's Sofi Tukker agenda in this post!)

3. Agoraphobia - Incubus (special acoustic edition!)

Sample lyrics: "I want to stay inside/I want to stay inside for good/I want to stay inside for good for good for good for good" (Brandon Boyd truly understands and accepts the meaning of social distancing)

For those thinking, is Incubus still around? Yes! They went on tour last year and were supposed to go on a 50-state tour this summer. Also, please keep Brandon's dog Bruce in your thoughts, as he passed away this summer.

4. Clorox Wipe - Chromeo

Sample lyrics: "If I could reincarnate/Tonight/I would be your Clorox wipe/Cuz I know in this climate/You might/Finally want me in your life"

Some people sing about love or heartbreak. Chromeo sings about the hot ticket item of 2020.

5. Let's Love - Sia & David Guetta

Sample lyrics: "So take my hand, don't be afraid/This too shall pass, this too shall pass/And we'll get through it all together"

Maybe one of Sia's most tolerable songs in awhile? It serves up some good 80s Flashdance vibes, although I'm not too sure about holding hands with anyone right now.

6. Faith Alone 2020 - Bad Religion

Sample lyrics: "What the world needs now/Is some answers to our problems/We can't buy more time/'Cause our tender isn't valid" and "But it looks as though faith alone/Won't sustain us no more"

With a song title like this + the single's artwork... that's 2020 alright.

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ONTD, what have you been listening to for the past 7 months?
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