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‘Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)’: Trailer For Nigerian Drama Screening At BFI London Film Festival

Set in Lagos, Nigeria Eyimofe (This is My Desire) follows the stories of Mofe, a factory technician, and Rosa, a hairdresser, on their quest for what they believe will be a better life on foreign shores.

A passport, photos and a visa form recurring elements. The characters’ misfortunes are part of their everyday life and they are sketching out the need to leave Nigeria at the same time. At the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, status, money, gender, skin colour and family structures are inextricably connected. The longing for another life is but one thread in this complex mesh, a promise that floats above things at once near and far away.

The film had its world premiere at the Berlinale in February. According to deadline, It was directed by twin brothers - Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri, it is their debut film. It was shot in 16mm and filmed across 48 locations in Lagos.

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Nice to see a Nigerian film without all the usual faces. What African films do you have on your watch list, ONTD?
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