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Kristin Cavallari's former family chef and cookbook ghostwriter(?) spills some tea

Mike Kubiesa met Kristin in 2015 when he was a chef for the Chicago Bears. Her and Jay eventually hired him to cook for their family. He would work 14 days straight in Tennessee and then have 6 days off and go back to his wife in Chicago.

Kristin went to him and said the recipes were great; did he want to write a cookbook with her? He sees himself as the brains behind True Roots and True Comfort, but Kristin has said very little about this.

He's not sad that Very Cavallari got cancelled, and didn't see it going past 3 seasons anyways. He was in a few episodes, but only in the background.

He wants to be a celebrity chef and wishes the cookbooks better highlighted his role/capabilities.

Bonus Kristin scoop: She has since revealed she considered divorcing Jay every day for two years before making it official.

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