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The View: Nancy Pelosi, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and guest host Ana

I have a Live Post for VP Debate ready for later tonight

More behind the cut

Hot Topics VP Debate with Petri Dish Pence and Harris

Pence caved on the plexi glass request and they’ll be more than 12 ft apart. WH is covid-central. Dozens of people have tested positive in T45 inner circle. Happy to see a Black woman on the stage for VP. Ana liked a photo she saw where Kamala’s college sorority staged a Stroll to the Polls. It won’t be childishly rude like T45-Biden, probably more like last Saturday’s debate between Senator Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison. Last time there was a VP debate with a woman, it was Biden v Palin, my how the turn tables.

Hot Topic Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi reacts to T45 announcing he was calling coronavirus relief negotiations off until after the election and changing course later that same evening. Because he’s in roid-rage mode, and a dum dum. House passed a second stimulus package months ago but it’s stalled in the Senate. They were close to agreement last week, then it fell through yesterday. They talk about his nearly a hundred tweets (or retweets, some from years ago?!) over the past two days, full on crazy pants. Pelosi can’t understand why the admin and GOP don’t believe in science or governance. She doesn’t want to go to WH because it’s the most dangerous pace in country, with its assault on truth and being an incubator of germs. Last time Pelosi interacted directly with T45 was SOTU address. She talks about the stimulus negotiations, and says why they won’t concede any more, even if it means no deal, because they should compromise as well but refuse to do so.

Cornell study showed that Covidiot™ is the single highest source of false info on the coronavirus. Pelosi says Americans should be concerned about the viciousness of the coronavirus, but also of the denial that the president is in. Felt it was insulting to everyone who has died or suffered from this virus which is 5x more deadly than the flu, to say it’s no big deal. Thinks the debate should be about healthcare, healthcare, and healthcare. Some talk about polls. IGNORE THE POLLS, VOTE! Pelosi says Don’t Angonize, Organize. She talks about the House being ready if he tries to pull anything that ends up with her chamber.

Go to to make your plan to vote!

Hot Topic Happy Birthday Joy

First segment Joy’s birthday wish is for everyone to support the Food Bank For New York City announced that Brad Paisley and Kim Williams-Paisley will be donating 50,000 meals from their company Tiller & Hatch to help the food bank’s efforts.

Second segment Joy talks about her birthday plans, a trip to an outdoor food market, homemade paella and a vice presidential debate.

Ontd are you ready for tonight @ 9PM eastern?!??!

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