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Regal and Theater Owners Bosses blame NY Governor for movie theater struggles

Cineworld confirmed today that it will once again close its theaters across the UK, Ireland, and US on Thursday.

Cineworld boss Mooky Greidinger went to Deadline and didn't blame the pandemic skyrocketing again in the UK and Europe as the reason No Time to Die's released was delayed all across the world and forced his theaters to close. No, it was NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's fault.

See, if Governor Cuomo just opened theaters in his state everything would be great and cinema would be back. Forget the fact that the rest of the country has decided it wants no part in movie-going based on box office numbers dwindling every passing week.

National Theater Owners boss John Fithian stated the same to Variety. Fithian even went as far to say that if NY theaters opened, studios would put movies back on the 2020 calendar.

Greidinger stated there is no timetable for reopening, but could happen at Christmas if Dune and Wonder Woman keep their release dates.

Tags: covid-19, film
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