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ontd original: Person Who Knows Little about K-Pop Listenss to BLACKPINK's THE ALBUM.

The cover is pretty.

What I know about BLACKPINK before this album:

  • The group contains Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo.

  • "Like It's Your Last" is apparently better than anything on here.

  • They took 3 years to put out a full album. Wait, they have one that's entirely in Japanese and longer than this. So I guess this should be "They took 3 years to put out a full album in English".

  • They are a more watered-down version of 2NE1 (Which OP actually does know a bit about)

B4 You Ask: "You Never Know" was simply not interesting enough to dislike or like.

Somehow, 'Crazy Over You' is my favorite song on this album, despite sounding like 4 different songs at once.

I mean it opens with sounding like sev-er-ral squeaky toys at a point.

What's most surprising is people being hyped over *checks* Lisa's rapping but not Rose's bridge at 43 seconds in??? That's great??? I wished more of the song has been like this. Apparently the verse is split between her and Jisoo, but I don't believe it. THEN AGAIN, I'm new here. Maybe it is. Also my voice discernment isn't fabulous.

Apparently the unpopular opinion is that "How You Like That" song is good. I like it, even if I always laugh at "look up at the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane!"

Lovesick Girls - "It sounds dated."

...Yeah, it does. Something akin to 2009. Then again, from what I know about this group, it was probably made then. I still like most of it though!

"Love is a drug, and I quit." PFFFT HA there's always one really stupid line in their songs that takes me out of it for a second.

I think "Pretty Savage" would be better performed by 2NE1 ("So would every song"). It'll be some preteen's pump-up the jam song, and good for them.

"Love to Hate Me" has potential, and I like the message. The repetitive vowels are a little odd in the chorus, but that seems to be a hallmark of them.

Oh boy. OH Boy, "Ice Cream". I think there's potential, but two lyrics in particular bother me ;

"Catch me in the fridge right where the ice be"


I actually had to look this one up because I had given the benefit of the doubt:
"Diamonds on my wrist so he call me ice cream"

...Do you see what that lyric could have been to be a little more fitting? "So he call me ICE QUEEN".

I want to be mindful how I criticize the lyrics because they're probably not native English speakers, but the flow would have been better.

And ya'll like this more than HYLT? For shame.

I "Bet You Wanna" turn to another song on the album? Yes.

srcs under the videos. They're the titles.
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