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The View: Jonathan Karl, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, and guest host Ana

Friday show

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Feels like years ago. This segment is stilted. You could tell the news was still fresh and they were stumbling for words, trying to be diplomatic, until they got in a groove.

Sunny was sad to hear and stayed up all night following the news. Ana thought it was sobering news. Wear a mask! Brings up Biden being classy in his reaction, but reminds T45 was mocking him at debate over wearing a mask. Sara was both not surprised but also terrified. He’s supposedly the most protected person yet he got sick (because he recklessly ignored scientific advice).

Hot Topic ABC Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl

Not going to recap this because 3,210,405 news cycles have occurred since this aired.

Hot Topic Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is promoting Black-ish. Talks about BLM, the debates, T45 not denouncing white supremacists, personal story about being attacked by police during a protest (when he was in college in 1989), new episodes – one animated, one live action – tackling the election and will include voice of Stacey Abrams. He also talks about other topics they’ll have on the show this season.

FFA Politics for everyone who needs to talk about *waves vaguely at everything*

BONUS 2020 Doesn’t Have Enough Darwin Awards

The #RoseGardenMassacre event was held Saturday 26 Sept. Amy Coney Barrett was sick with covid during the “summer”, which was between Jun 20-Sep 21, but has not publicly admitted details or timeline.

1. Tuesday Trump arrives late to debate, he and his family not tested (source Chris Wallace)
2. Wednesday Trump experiences symptoms, tests positive (source Dr Conley). Biden team not informed. Trump holds KKK rally in MN, fundraiser at private donor home. Hope Hicks feels sick.
3. Thursday Hicks tests positive. Trump receives treatment (source Dr Conley). Trump has donor meeting in NJ, no masks.
4. Friday Biden team never informed, learned through press, test negative (so far). Trump goes to Walter Reed
5. Saturday WH doctors say one thing (everything is rosy); immediately after Chief of Staff Mark Meadows /off the record/ says the opposite (everything is not rosy). Trump is tested daily. WH does not confirm actual date of last negative test.

The following 11 have tested positive (so far), all who attended the Rose Garden event last weekend, and-or the private event on the same day:

Trump, MelaniE, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) [who wore a mask in Rose Garden, but not in private event with ACB], Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Fmr Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), President of Notre Dame Father John Jenkins, Fmr Advisor Kellyanne Conway, RNC Chairwoman Ronna (Romney) McDaniel [this is her second time getting covid], Senior Staff Hope Hicks, Campaign Manager Bill Stepien


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