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Whatever happened to 2000s party photographer Mark 'The Cobrasnake' Hunter?

In the late 2000s, he started The Cobra Shop, selling vintage shirts, butterfly hairclips, and other accessories. The first shirt he sold was a Titanic t-shirt for $160, which he had on e-Bay until the buyer messaged him to meet him at a local McDonald's to make the deal.

Now he's relaunched the store and stocks over 2,500 vintage shirts and goes live on Instagram to talk about them, sort of like a "Home Shopping Network" initiative. He says everyone is at home because of COVID and can't go to thrift shops, so it's changed the game of selling vintage.

People DM him offers on shirts instead of him setting a price. He likes the shirts, so he only sells if the money is right.

He's putting together a zine of all the models who used to model for the OG Cobra Shop, because of course he is. He also has a coffee table book coming out.

This OP has also discovered he's dating a young model and runs the Cobra Fitness Club, a hiking group in LA.

To give this post a celebrity boost: Never forget the time Cory Kennedy (who's in my icon btw) posted the ONTD post of her and Kim Kardashian to her Instagram story.

Source / Source 2

ONTD, have you been shopping more/less during these COVID times?
Tags: 2000s, fashion, nostalgia, where are they now
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