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Who won the 2nd season of Love Island USA?

Despite a largely unremarkable broadcast debut last year, as well as complications from COVID-19 that led to a delayed production and the show being set in a Las Vegas hotel rather than tropical Fiji, the sophomore season of Love Island USA concluded last night to rave reviews for being drastically improved from its first. In fact, a good number of seasoned Love Island aficionados have deemed this US season as one of the best seasons worldwide ever.

The show received plaudits for its diverse casting, dramatic twists (including the notorious Casa Amor where Islanders had the option of cheating on their partner), quirky characters, villains to root against and of course love stories to cheer for.

The finale saw 4 couples left in the running to win the top prize of US$100K via public vote:

4th place was Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman.

In 3rd were Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas.

2nd were Cely Velazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks.

Finally, the overwhelming fan favorites and Champions were Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba!!!

Based on random selection, Caleb was offered the option of taking the 100K for himself or splitting it with Justine. He opted for the split.

Justine and Caleb (because lbr Justine is a star) are the first black couple to have won a season of Love Island. In the meantime, the parallel CBS companion to Love Island aka the 'all star' 22nd season of Big Brother (which similarly sees people stuck in a house for weeks and competing for a cash prize) has seen all its eliminated contestants be either women and/or people of color, with the exception of a white guy whose autism was mocked.

Did u watch this, ONTD?

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Tags: black celebrities, reality show, television - cbs, true love / love is dead
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