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ONTD Original: Professional Social Climber Max Ehrich's Dating History and Former Friends

Before Demi Lovato started dating Max Ehrich, I knew his face was familiar because of people he was previously linked to. But I noticed that most of these connections I was familiar with seemed to be very strong at first then became nonexistent. So I did some searching and it is not extensive but it's the best I could do because surprise, surprise most of the content is deleted off the internet!

Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame (circa 2007-2009)
- Max and Sarah went to high school together and were even extras in High School Musical 3 together.
- Sarah met her pos ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop whilst filming HSM 3.
- This dude literally was just a dancer in HSM 3 and would often do interviews about it earlier in his career.
- There's a huge discrepency on whether or not Max and Sarah dated, some websites report it but OP cannot confirm or deny this. But it does not look like these two are not as close as they originally were.

Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly, Drake and Josh, and Despicable Me fame(circa 2010-2012)
- Max was an extra on iCarly and eventually had a guest role and would often do interviews citing he was on iCarly but at the time... he was just an extra.
- In 2010, Max told Access Hollywood for some reason that he and Miranda were just good friends. He was an extra on her hit show iCarly.
- BUT, he also gave an interview where he... so shameless namedrops Miranda because he recently went on a date with her in 2010
- The two were papped on a "date" two years later at the movies.
- This was brief but the iCarly connection will come back around... but it also involves Chris Colfer which gets really confusing as OP

Jennette McCurdy of iCarly fame (circa 2011-?)

- In now deleted videos on Jennette McCurdy's accounts, she and Max were at one point very close on set of iCarly as soon as Max actually guest starred in the episode instead of just walked around in the background.
- Max mentions the videos both he and Jennette posted in an interview while also speaking about Miranda Cosgrove a lot
- This will mark the first time the social climber has done a cover with his famous friend. Both Jennette and Max did a cover of Lean on Me together.
- This also marks the first time his social climbing has led to dating rumors but this gets very messy because while iCarly fans thought Max was dating Jennette... Glee fans thought Chris Colfer was dating Max.

Chris Colfer of Glee, The Land of Stories, and A Tale of Magic fame (circa 2012)
*OP will note that a lot of this tea comes from Klaine shipper receipts. OP will that most of these sources DO speculate his sexuality and OP does not endorse outing people*
- Apparently the two were very close and Klaine shippers were convinced they were dating.
- Max had spent time with Chris on tour of Glee and they were seen both sharing the same scarf and exchanging messages on Twitter
- Max denied the two dated on Twitter and said they were just friends. This tweet has now been deleted.
- Here's a thread that a Demi stan made recently (which OP will note this thread does speculates his sexuality but also showcases a better summary of Max and Chris friendship)

Veronica Dunne of KC Undercover fame (circa 2014-2017)
- This is Max's most publicized and longest relationship where most of the receipts can actually still be found today
- Max and Veronica were "papped" together and went to events together while Veronica was on her Disney Channel show
- Demi stans called out Max for making his proposal video song, a song he also dedicated to his ex Veronica.
- The two even started their own Youtube channel which got deleted (no surprise)
- Again... posted a cover with his more famous girlfriend which also got deleted.
- And like always... in a deleted tweet he announced his breakup with Veronica that he is single.

Bella Thorne of Shake it Up and making headlines fame (circa 2017)
- He posted a cover with Bella Thorne! Wow! And guess what? The videos have been deleted but the articles are still live as always.
- This would be the first time Max's musical endeavors could actually be seen in a music studio since there were posts about him working on music with Bella
- He's papped with Bella Thorne in July of 2017
- He moved in with Bella and surprise, surprise spoke to the paps about it.

Sommer Ray of... I think she's an influencer? (circa 2017-2020)
- They were confirmed dating before he got with Demi
- Max is inconsistent with his deleted Instagram stories because he posted fire emojis on his ex's Instagram post on September 22nd.

On a completely unrelated note to his social climbing, Max also posted a notes app statement about being stalked by a fan which rings similar to his break in notes app post recently.

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<i>ONTD, have you used someone for your own benefit? Did it work out or did it backfire on you?</i>
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