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BTS Week Night 3: Black Swan performance plus interview and game

BTS Week at The Tonight Show continues, with a performance of their Map of the Soul: 7 single, Black Swan. The stage setting is GORGEOUS.

- They talk Grammy aspirations and their reaction to Dynamite going to #1
- They have been a group for 7 years now, and celebrated their anniversary by drinking champagne but then rehearsing and going to sleep early lol
- They try to stay connected to fans on their company's social media site WeVerse
- Hype up their upcoming album Be, out in November
- Jimmy: Are there going to be more English songs?   Namjoon: Can you write the lyrics?

- Discuss their Grand Central Station performance earlier this year, Jimmy had hugged Jungkook and could feel his heart beating through his back from how hard he was dancing
- The members share memories about what they were like in high school (Namjoon and Jimin were nerds, Taehyung and Yoongi were slackers, Hoseok was popular, Jin was quiet, and Jungkook was already in BTS when he went to high school)

They played a game where they had to dance out a prompted feeling. Jin basically takes everyone to clown town and is a gift to us all.

source source source source

Jungkook is trying to kill folks with his looks this week. First the open chested hanbok, then the bathrobe, now the sheer shirt WHEW.
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