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Recapping part 2 of Lauren Conrad's appearance on Whitney Port's podcast

Because their 36-minute podcast from last week was soooo lengthy, Whitney released a 23-minute part 2 today.

Listen here:

Highlights from this OP who listened to it:

-Lauren said yes to The Hills pilot because she was in school at the time and broke, so filming a pilot was easy money. Stars and student loans, they're just like us!

-Whitney was iffy about The City spinoff at first, but figured it would help her launch her fashion career.

-Lauren's COVID home fashion is a printed blouse and jeans

-Lauren LOVES Big Brother. She watches the live feeds and is even part of the Big Brother fantasy league. Whitney also watches the show, so they plan to text each other about it.

-Whitney says doing "reaction videos to The City" on her YouTube channel are good enough for her in terms of social media; both her and Lauren are avoiding TikTok. Lauren says her team tells her to post more on her social channels, but she says she only shows what makes her feel good.

-Whitney asked Lauren if she's still friends with Lo and others. Lauren said she still sees Stephen, Dieter, and Christina S. from Laguna Beach. She doesn't include Lo in her answer, nor does she mention growing apart from anyone. She frames it as, "these people live close by."

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