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Y'all happy? Ryan Dorsey clears up rumors about him and Naya Rivera's sister Nickayla

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- Long story short, Ryan said his son Josey wanted his his aunt Nickayla to live with them and Ryan couldn't deny that request for his son because it's the closest blood he'll have to his mom.

- He is grateful that Nickayla was willing to uproot her life to help raise Josey. He's also very thankful that both side of Josey's families have been supporting them through their loss.

- He admits he's been sad everyday, hasn't ate or sleep. Says he lost about 20 pounds. He says the living situation makes the grieving process for him easier because he won't be alone with his thoughts after he puts his son to bed at night.

- He's grateful his mom has been helping out but he is gutted that his own son no longer will have that.

- He calls his son smart, kind, and caring. It was sad for him to have to explain to Josey about what had happened to his mother and have him have to deal with grief so young.

- He mentions that he told him that Naya's an angel now and he responded, "I wanna go there. How do I get there?" and he wouldn't wish that upon anyone to hear that from their kids.

- Nickayla and Ryan were at Target buying things for Josey's birthday party and he calls out the two girls who followed them and sold the blurry photos (where they clearly weren't holding hands) to the press.

- He says at the end of the video that he decided to make it because people have been sending death threats and he's already going through so much that he'd rather get it off his chest and off his mind.

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