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"Red Sangria" by Jordin Sparks is the Definitive Song of 2020. If you disagree, fight me.

The other night, I was making a post about the top celebrity scandals that we’ve forgotten about. One item on the list was Jordin Sparks becoming a meme with her song “Red Sangria.”

I pressed play on the video, expecting nothing more than three minutes of ironic entertainment. But as I listened, what I got was so, so much more.

I realized that "Red Sangria" is the definitive song of 2020. Let me tell you why.

The video begins with Jordin Sparks wanting to stay at home for the evening, even though her friends want her to go out. This a clever meta-commentary on the COVID quarantine: everyone wants to go out, but we have to stay home.

The song opens to a melody of out-of-tune discordant… guitar strings? A sitar? It seems as if it is going to be an upbeat tune, but there is something slightly… off. Just like the beginning of the year 2020. People were making, “2020 is going to be my year!” memes, yet the spectre of the Coronavirus was lurking nearby.

The scene shifts to an empty warehouse. It is supposed to look like a party, but something is ever-so-slightly... ominous.

red sangria 2.png

As the video progresses, Jordin is putting everything she has into this choreography. And yet the video gets progressively worse and worse.

Finally, the strain of her inner turmoil manifests physically: we see the pit stains in her jump suit and rips in the pits of her dress.

jordin sparks red sangria.png
jordin sparks red sangria 2.png
red sangria 3.png

People made multiple memes about this and had many takes on it. Just like many people had different takes on the coronavirus and how to handle it.

The YouTube comments were a mixture of hilarity, viciousness and straight up savagery. Just like the online discourse surrounding COVID and the year 2020.

comment 6.png

comment dfasfa.png

comment 5.png

comment 4.png

comment 3.png

comment 2.png

comment 1.png

Ultimately, the song "Red Sangria" serves as a parallel to the recent trauma we have all experienced. It is a near-perfect allegory for the daunting onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic and the high expectations yet low performance of the year 2020. This song did not have to become a tragic flop; it was totally preventable. Just as the pandemic could have been prevented.

My final word: "Red Sangria" is destined to live on in infamy, just like the year 2020.

Thank you.

Read the original "Red Sangria" post by kween colossusx.

Post your quarantine songs in the comments, ONTD.

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