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12 TV Love Triangles That Ruined Their Shows And 12 That Made Their Shows Iconic

-Good: Olivia, Fitz and Jake from Scandal
Scandal was an important TV show for several reasons, and one of its lasting legacies will be this iconic love triangle. Whether you fell head-over-heels for Fitz and Liv in the very first episode or you thought Jake was the far superior choice for Liv, it was great to watch this love triangle play out every week. Honestly, thank you, Shonda Rhimes, for this era of TV.

-Bad: Eric, Adam and Rahim from Sex Education
Eric deciding to be with Adam instead of Rahim stung. Rahim treated Eric so great, but then Eric did him dirty by kissing Adam in front of the whole school. I'm all for Adam discovering his sexuality and growing, but I don't understand how Eric could be with him after he bullied him for being gay for years. Sex Education is phenomenal, but this love triangle misses the mark.

-Good: Issa, David and Lawrence from Insecure
This show is so good that they even make love triangles look incredible. Even after four seasons, the Issa, Lawrence, and Daniel back-and-forth is just Insecure at its best. The way the series blended romance and comedy while dealing with these three is something we will cherish forever.

-Bad: Robin, Barney, and Ted from How I Met Your Mother
I fully understand that the creators wrote the ending a long time ago and were following through with a plan, but I think there's something to be said for changing course once a show is airing and two actors clearly have chemistry. Ted and Robin were a great jumping-off point for this story, but Barney and Robin had such unmatchable chemistry. This love triangle did not need to go on as long as it did, and the fact that it was so pivotal in the end was wild. Also, I still can't believe we spent the entire final season focusing on Barney and Robin's wedding only for them to get divorced and for Robin to end up with Ted AFTER he met Tracy. Ugh, now I'm mad again.

-Good: Dawson, Joey, and Pacey from Dawson's Creek
Team Dawson or Team Pacey remains so important when talking about teen TV, so it's hard not to love this iconic and memorable love triangle. Whether you absolutely loved Dawson and Joey's friends-to-lovers romance or you consider Pacey and Joey's slow-burn romance in Season 3 the best, the love triangle on Dawson's Creek made a lasting impression.


Best / Worst love triangle from tv (or film..)??
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