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Who the Fuck is Caroline Calloway?

First question: Should you care? No.

Caroline (Gotschall) Calloway is an infamous instagram "influencer" known primarily for being chaotic and messy. The majority of her followers are fake and she does not actually do sponcon because brands don't want to associate with her. Her infamy comes from her alleged writing career, colored by controversy and an inability to deliver the products she's sold.

Second question: Why does this post exist then? Short answer: she's yet to deliver on another book she sold to her fans

- This book Scammer was announced in December 2019 with a self-published date set for January 2020
- She announced that the only way to get the book would be in this preorder, ending in January
- January finished, she then claims it should be available in "Spring 2020"
- In March, after shelter in place orders had been enacted in New York, she claimed the "boutique printer" had shuttered so shipping would be delayed
- In June, she announced the book would be shipped by the end of the month (it didn't)
- In the meantime she ignored instagram comments asking about the book, and directed people to her assistant & manager for refunds instead of providing updates
- in August, she claimed she was reworking the book, and gave another shipping date of 8/31
- August ended and she disappeared which is where the tweet above comes in
- As of today, 9/29, there is no book and she has provided no updates as to its whereabouts. The book is still available for pre-order on her website

A long (but still summarized) history:
- Calloway gained a modicum of instagram fame circa 2013-2014 with her long, whimsical captions depicting her fairy tale life as an American student at Cambridge.
- She used that instagram following (later revealed to be inflated with purchased followers) to sell a book to Byrd Leavell; Tucker Max, Cat Marnell, and Donald Tr*mp's literary agent.
- This book And We Were Like was sold for $500,000, with Calloway taking home a $150,000 advance. After about a year of posting and pretending she had finished the book, Calloway posted to instagram that she couldn't actually write the book she sold "about boys" and claimed it was anti-feminist. She sold pages of the book proposal on Etsy, presumably to payback her advance
- Worth noting: during this time Calloway claims she was addicted to adderall.
- After imploding her book deal Calloway continued to write long captions about her life and loves, and claimed to pioneer long instagram stories.
- In December 2018 she announced a creativity workshop for her fans, with a meet & greet, tips on leading a creative lifestyle, and more. She offered one on one time, free lunch & coffee, a takeaway gift package, and a handwritten letter to each participant (Spoiler: she did not do half of these things). The ticket price was $165 a person.
- She announced a few dates in NYC, which quickly grew to more dates around the country and the world.
- The problem? She sold tickets to these places without booking venues, with some dates set for less than month following the announcement.
- A writer documented the entire Creativity Workshop shitshow on twitter (please read the whole thread):

- She was branded a scammer for overselling a product she could not deliver, although she adamantly denies scamming people, claiming that every attendee enjoyed their time.
- Later in 2019, Natalie Beach, her ghostwriter for the And We Were Like proposal & many of her instagram captions, came forward and wrote an essay for the cut
documenting their tumultuous and toxic friendship.
- After months of spiraling and posting about how Natalie is calculating and misrepresented their friendship, Calloway claimed she had written a response to the article and "pulled it from a major publication".
- She claimed that Scammer would consist of this response + additional content and thoughts from 2019. Instead she posted this essay "I am Caroline Calloway" on her website behind a paywall. This essay also remains unfinished.

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Additional reading (if you want to go down the rabbit hole):

Overview Twitter thread
A comprehensive timeline of her claims regarding Scammer
An in-depth primer on her shenanigans
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