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The View: Olivia Troye, Jeff Daniels, Ted Cruz, Hot Topics

Panel is [Friday] Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Ana. Panel is [Monday] Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Sara.

Friday + Monday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Grifter Trump Doesn’t Pay Taxes

Icymi more tax returns have been obtained. TRE45ON didn’t pay taxes for many years, and only paid $750 is 2016 and $750 in 2017. Not at all surprising but @NYTimes is dropping multiple stories over the coming weeks.

Summary: Donald Dum Dum inflates the value of his assets to secure loans primarily through the completely corrupt Deutsche Bank (Fmr SCOTUS Kennedy’s son works for them, and it’s been rumored they paid off Kavanaugh debt) and also various other authoritarian regimes (and probably for sure, but not yet disclosed, Russia). Then he deflates the value of his assets to avoid paying taxes. Because he wants to pretend to be rich and live the high life while actually being broke and never paying anyone anything ever. Meanwhile Traitor Tot (Don Jr) is in need of a substance abuse intervention while he speed-talks nonsense on various interviews about payroll taxes and corporate taxes as if that’s the same as personal income tax. For all the liens against T45 properties, which come due in 2021-2022, they total over $1B. He wouldn’t receive any clearance himself, given that being in this much debt makes him an extremely high national security risk, But, duh, we’ve known this.

Basically, he’s broke, living in government housing, and stealing from everyone.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Friday Show T45 still refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer when he loses and tweets like a banshee to lie about voting processes or suppress voter turnout. The GOP remains trash, only giving minor lip service to a transition but not once calling out T45 directly.

Friday Show T45 and MelaniE pretend to care about RBG while T45 is met with a chorus of Boos and Vote Him Out from the crowd. They slither away.

Hot Topic SCOTUS Nominee a Handmaid’s Tale

No, not The Handmaid’s Tale but a secretive Catholic group called People of Praise. You can read more at this link. This sect is outside the mainstream Catholic doctrine and combines Catholicism and Pentecostalism, and believes (among many things) in speaking in tongues. She may go down in history as the only SCOTUS with 0 Democratic votes, but we’ll see how that plays out irl.

Hot Topic Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is promoting his book One Vote Away. He lies a lot and says so much nonsense your head will explode, watch at your own peril.

Hot Topic Friday Show Olivia Troye

Olivia Troye was a senior staffer for VP Pence and on the ~official covid taskforce. She resigned in disgust because ETTD (Everything Trump Touches Dies) and all the lies, lies, and more lies from T45 and his sycophants about the realities of covid. Olivia has joined the hundreds of ex-officials who are Republican Voters Against Trump and she has made video commercials to support Biden.

Hot Topic Friday Show Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels is promoting The Comey Rule on Showtime, where he plays James Comey. It’s getting 62% RT Fresh reviews, and as I’ve read, it’s not a puff piece to portray Comey as a hero, although Comey was involved with the production and it’s based off Comey’s book A Higher Loyalty. Essentially it’s a topic that feels like forty eleven lifetimes ago, so whatever about Comey and ButHerEmails, we’re still living this nightmare so VOTE!!

ps FFA Politics but please be sensitive to the TW topic if talking about Brad Parscale

Ontd are you ready for Tuesday night debate @ 9PM Eastern?

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