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Character Actor Beth Grant Reminisces on Past Roles

Comedian Milly Tamarez posted a photo of actress Beth Grant on her Twitter account with the caption "I don't wanna be famous i wanna be BOOKEDT like this bitch! She stay in her bag 💅🏾".

Though you may not know Grant by name, she has indeed worked steadily as an actor since 1986, popping up in numerous TV and film roles, with 232(!) IMDB credits to her name. She's starred in shows like The Mindy Project, Dollface, and Jericho, provided her voice to King of the Hill, has guest starred on shows like Criminal Minds, Dexter and Pushing Daises, and has appeared in films like No Country for Old Men, Factory Girl and Donnie Darko.

Other users added to the Twitter thread with photos and gifs from Grant's numerous roles, and Grant started responding and reminscing about said roles.

On her guest spot on Friends.

On her role in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

On her role in The Mindy Project

On her role in Donnie Darko

On her role in Angel

On her role in Jericho

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Favorite Beth Grant role? Who's your favorite character actor?
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